Interview: I See You See I See You (LOL)

Interviewing Day.

Today was the Editorial Board interview session. To be frank, I did it just moderately. I'm not completely satisfied with my performance.

Around 3:30 I went up (the interview was held at the second floor) with Lea waiting to be interviewed. Our names were quite on top of the list, so we were among the first few who were being called upon. There were quite a number of people there, estimated around 30 to 50.

Lea's name was called before mine. She went in for a while and came out... well, not satisfied. She said that she turned quiet, nervous and blank during the interview. She was then given an assignment to do: create a newsletter. I was quite shocked when she said that she didn't showed the interviewers her certificate. But nevermind, since the product proves everything. Good luck with your newsletter Lea.

Another interviewee went in before me and Tjia Hwei got called. We went in together and heck, we were being interviewed together. The interviewers asked some more common questions like: "how can you contribute to the club?" and "what's your experience in photography?" I've found out that there are many people who selected the photography section, so it's going to be a tough competition.

Then there was this time when the interviewers asked me to show my products. I thought: this is exactly what I want! To prove myself with my products! So I quickly got my bag from outside and showed them the photos in my laptop. Tjia Hwei, whose computer broke down and would not be alive again, was struggling to prove his so-called skills. Hmm, the products proves everything, Tjia Hwei. I've told you before. I showed them just a few of my photos, the one with the pigeon flying, a beautiful sky-shot, some photos during graduation day, and several photos of my Australia trip (at Sydney). They asked me which photo I love the most and I unhesitatingly showed the one with a couple sitting in front of the Opera House. That is beauty in the language of light and colours (and emotions, of course).

Then after some more questions the interviewing session ended. I regretted a little after that because I feel that I haven't showed them enough photos. I should have shown them the waves at Gold Coast, the people at Twelve Apostles, the cliffs at Blue Mountain, the park at Sydney, and the one Lea loves the most: the strong silhouette of a tree, glared under the sun. It is a strong photo in terms of its colours and contrast.

Overall I think that I did fairly well compared with my AFS (Ah, Fuck Shit) interview. I'd not even came close to being nervous. And at least I've shown them my photos while Tjia Hwei sat there emotionless. Ha ha, sucker.

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