At Taylor's

I'm in the ICT room of TCSH (Taylor's College Sri Hartamas) now.

WTH, everyone here uses facebook. The whole row of people in front of me are on facebook now. And they're so addicted to it.

Even after months of using, I still can't find the fun in it. Actually, what's there to do in a social network? Testimonials, add friends, add strangers, hot chicks, poke people, kick people, SUPER poke people, throw Paris Hilton at someone, etc etc.

Gah, I'm not interested.

And then Twan Tzee showed us someone's blog, which is so disgusting. Urgh, all the vainness.

Anyway I'm wasting my time again. I should so something more productive.


Ok now I'm at home. Finally got time for reminiscence.

Today during my LAN class Chia Hoong and his group of friends was sitting in front of me. Then there's this girl who, after some of chatting with her friends, asked them (about me): "Is that guy a MALAY?" ZOMGWTF! M-A-L-A-Y!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!!?!? Such. A. Humiliation. Towards. Me. Hey when I'm a baby people say I look like "Ang Moh" one okay? Thanks for my tan from Gold Coast last year. When she asked me my name, I politely answered: "Young BIN Lee."

After school I went to the ICT room where I posted the first half of this post. I suddenly remembered the EdBoard form that we need to hand in when Lea came back to her desk after photocopying her photo (from her student ID card. That's small, I know. But since I want things to be quickly done, I got to photocopy mine and paste it on my form too.) So I went to the photocopying room and there was this girl who was photocopying a huge stack of notes. She paused her work and let me photocopy mine first. After I put my card I was so confused with the so-high-tech printer's LCD screen, with so many buttons to choose from. Moreover, the presence of her beside, waiting to continue her work made me even more nervous. I searched and searched for some time when she came over and pressed the "start" button beside the screen. Then she pressed some more button on the LCD, and I was like "oh, oh, I see I see" beside. I SEE. Shit. I'm like some kampung boy learning to photocopy stuffs.

By the way, I'm finally on track to a healthy lifestyle. Exercises, push-ups, etc. Finally. Or else I'll continue my path to become TJ no.2.

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