Post SPM Day Three

I'm at Penang now! haha.

Just now I went to play paintball with my cousins and uncle. Wow, it was fun! haha. But no pain, no game- I got my finger shot by the opponent. I swear, man, it was damn pain. Finger joint! Ouch. Then there was one time when me and my two cousins (team name: iBang) were against my two other cousins and uncle. The funny part was, we've used up all of our bullets and we're still firing to each other! haha! When I realized that my gun had ran out of ammunition, I thought :"oh shit!" but still keep on firing to make the illusion that I had bullets. haha. But what I didn't know was, everyone ran out of bullet! haha! So we were like firing nothing but sound to each other, trying to scare them. Lol.

There was a hall beside the arena which held some fund raising function for Jit Sin secondary school. I went in and it was crowded. And there was this sweet girl helping out on some lantern questionnaires (猜灯谜). She's so sweet haha.

Claude Debussy, oh my goodness, you're such a great, marvelous, terrific composer! I really love your compositions! I've been listening to your CD everyday since I bought it (although just 2 days before haha). You draw and paint pictures with your lovely, calm, impeccable music... One of the greatest music I've heard so far.

One more thing, I got to thanks Peter for putting in so many beautiful masterpieces from various composers into my thumb drive. The 4 concertos of Rachmaninov is simply amazing and enchanting.

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