Australia Trip 7th Day: Gold Coast

Today is the last day I'll stay at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. It has been a wonderful place and a happening city. The beaches are awesome, and the water is crystal clear (TM). We'll be renting a Toyota Camry and drive downwards along the Great Pacific Drive. It'll be an unforgettable experience.

Anyway, it rained for a long time today. Since I woke up form my bed until lunchtime it has been raining. The rain wasn't heavy and it created a slightly different atmosphere.

I feel that the people here are less restricted, more 'open', carefree, and easy-going. They all seems very free and easier to communicate. I've also noticed one thing on the people here: they smile a lot, especially those shopkeepers. I always feel good when talking to them, because, they smile at you all the time. And very helpful too.

Then I went to shoot the waves.

DSCN9223 (Medium) DSCN9201 (Medium) DSCN9203 (Medium)

DSCN9262 (Medium)

Singing to the sea.

At night: so here I am, bought a full-day internet access at Starbucks through my dad's credit card. Heck, internet is expensive here! I've been sitting here for the past 4 hours... and I have no intention of leaving yet. hahaha. You know, I always feel disconnected with the outside world whenever I can't go online. It's like, I'm outdated and don't know what's happening around the world! And my friends, blogs, and all. I hate being segregated from the rest of the world.

DSCN9267 (Medium)

Me. Mr.Young bin Lee.

Oh yea their newspapers are nice. There was a full page dedicated for whether forecast and all. The forecast foresees the whether of all major cities of Australia to as early as one whole week. There's also a column for the strength of UV ray, warning beach/sea-goers about the sunlight. Also, there's a special box regarding astronomy: when Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will rise from the horizon and all! It's so nice right? There's also a row showing the time of sunrise and sunset of all major cities in Australia. Cool.

Today was really cool. Whether, I mean. It's quite cold. It'd be better with a jacket! Although it's summer time, but the temperature is just around 20 degree Celsius! I love the whether actually. haha.

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