Australia Trip 6th Day: Gold Coast

Today the wave reached 3 metres. I found out that the height of the waves increase during high tides. The waves are normally larger and higher during noon. I went into the water with my pants (and at last got my 2 pockets broke).

Sometimes I dived into the water to pass through the waves but, in some cases even after I dived into the water the rolling wave still carried me back away. When I dived into the water just at the moment it broke, I could feel the suction and power of the rolling water. As you can see, I'm very interested in waves. And... shyt, my posts are getting boring. Other than playing waves here, what can I do? Not much, really. Gold Coast is a place for me to relax, play the waves everyday and watch the same babes again and again. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love it. Ok back to the waves (you can always skip the waves part and look for the photos).

Once when the wave came breaking on me, I got carried and the wave made me did a full 360 degree backwards somersault in the rolling wave! Haha. I got my hands and legs stretching out and I absolutely have no idea on where was the ground. After I rose up from the water I noticed that I'd been carried for about 10 metres away.

By the way there were 3 or 4 topless women today. Well I gonna show you one two of them:

DSCN3223 (Medium)

Eating a banana.

DSCN3181 (Medium)

It's an exhibition. Both of "them" are the display items (it's the same person).

I felt that I've been so accustomed to their culture. Topless is just normal. They won't even give an extra glance on this topless woman here. The reason for me to take this and post on blog? To entertain you horny guys.

DSCN3171 (Medium) DSCN3174 (Medium) DSCN3176 (Medium) DSCN3179 (Medium)

DSCN3216 (Medium)

Topless and bottomless!!! (the small little kid)

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