Australia Trip 5th Day: Gold Coast

The waves today were slightly larger, but less violent than yesterday. There were less huge waves, but sometimes they came in a row. There were many waves that broke into two: a slightly smaller one in front, closely followed by a huge wall of water.

I've noticed that the energy carried by the waves does not depends on the amount of water it carried. Sometimes a huge wave doesn't pull you too far away while a smaller one may drag you far from your original position. That's because the water a wave carried depends on the distance and the water carried by the previous wave. I've also noticed that when a person dives under a huge wave to pass through underneath it, he must dive deeper than the rolling water. He must dive deeper than the original water level so that the water that came smashing and rolling down will not be able to drag him away. Sometimes the wave was so powerful that even after I dived deep down the wave still managed to pull down my swimming trunk. haha.

DSCN2825 (Medium) DSCN2839 (Medium) DSCN2845 (Medium) DSCN2877 (Medium)DSCN2868 (Medium)

Notice the two little hands/legs above the splashing water at the right side.

DSCN2875 (Medium)

DSCN2878 (Medium)

I've also noticed another thing: most guys don't wear swimming trunks. They wear pants instead. Yeah, it's way, way better than wearing swimming trunk because it doesn't trap sand. Anyway today there were more people on the beach. Almost the same amount of people as Saturday. And there was another topless woman here. Oh ya her boobs are larger than the one of yesterday! Haha. But she lied down on her stomach so "they" weren't so exposed. Hahahahaha.

Today my skin got flaky. I'm still as dark as before, but the skin all over my face was very dry and pulled tightly (I hope I used the right word). I couldn't even open my mouth wide because I scared that doing so might get my skin ripped apart. Lol. But shit man I got heat rashes on my chest. It's quite itchy. My "Majority-o-metre" today: 100%!!!

In the afternoon we went to Australian Fair (some shopping complex). It's a few kilometres from our apartment and we walked back in the evening. The view was really nice.

DSCN2925 (Medium)

It's a Junk-2!!! Malay-sial Boleh!!!

DSCN2959 (Medium)

2 minority, 1 majority. Contradicts the law of mathematics.

DSCN2995 (Medium) DSCN2983 (Medium) DSCN2979 (Medium)

DSCN2970 (Medium)

A great cumulonimbus calvus. The same one that produced so many lightning for me to capture.

DSCN3003 (Medium)

Even the Australian government is wishing me happy birthday!!! Truly appreciate it. (hint: my Chinese name)

DSCN3002 (Medium) DSCN3008 (Medium)

DSCN3025 (Medium) DSCN3013 (Medium)

DSCN3021 (Medium)

DSCN3031 (Medium)

Use your imagination. What can you see in this cloud formation? I saw a cello.

DSCN3064 (Medium) DSCN3070 (Medium)

2 girls on top of the monkey bars.

DSCN3044 (Medium)

The Old Moon and the Sea by Lee Young.

We walked to the beach and followed the coastline back to Surfers Paradise. It was a great journey: there was a great cumulonimbus far away and I tried to take photos of its lightning. Success rate: 1 or 2 out of 10. Here are the results:

DSCN3061 (Medium)

My first successful shot!!! Clap hands! Clap hands!!! I was so excited haha.

DSCN3077 (Medium)

Second one!

DSCN3079 (Medium)

Can you notice the 3 small vertical lightning far away? (Most lightning goes horizontally in/between cloud(s) but not vertically to the ground)

And behold, the last spectacular one:

DSCN3081 (Medium)


Then we walked past a night market, something like our pasar malam.

DSCN3084 (Medium)

I saw a store selling beautiful decorations: a spirally twisted steel with a glass ball in the middle of it. The decorations were hung by a string and when the seller turned it gently the spiral steel went spiraling, giving the effect of the glass ball travelling upwards/downwards but never got out of the spiral.

Suddenly I noticed something really funny: in front of the store there was a paper writing information of the decoration: blue colour- meditation, red colour- for heart, white colour- for lungs, black colour- for spirit, etc. I laughed out instantly. There was a old Chinese couple asking things of the decoration: "ahh so this is not for er, the heart? can I use it for meditation?" "no, no.. this blur one is for meditation.. that one is for spirit..." LMFAO!

At night we went to a German restaurant: Bavarian Haus. The interior was so German-styled, even its waitress and her nationality! She dressed up in a German traditional wear and she's from Germany. The foods were really nice. Schweinshaxe! Woohoo!

DSCN3104 (Medium)

The beautiful German waitress.

Anyway, happy birthday to myself.

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