Pause. And Play.

Hi everyone, the author of this blog namely me is currently at Melbourne, Australia.

Since I arrived here at 5th of December it has been a very interesting journey. I'm currently working posts of my everyday trip here. Loads and loads of photos have been taken which accounts to more than 5000. Most photos are taken by me using my Nikon P5000 prosumer camera.

The first 7 days of my journey here was spent at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. Then we travelled down to Sydney along the Pacific Highway. We stopped for 2 nights before reaching our destination. We stayed at Sydney for 2 nights and left to Blue Mountains and went overnight there. The next day we drove down to Mansfield, near Melbourne. We stopped overnight in midst of the journey. We lived in at Mansfield Country Resort for a few days.

My two sisters and aunt arrived at Melbourne at the 20th and has been with us since then. We all lived for a few days at Mansfield Country Resort before moving down to Melbourne.

Yesterday I went to Phillips Island to watch penguins! They're really really cute and lovely. They're called "Little Penguins" (their name) and stand not taller than 35 cm. Just as large as a seagull.

Today's Boxing Day! So how's your shopping my dear friends? Although I'm not a shopaholic, but I've bought another book (third book since I arrived here) today.

So see you guys. Merry Christmas to all. Will be updating frequently once I got home at 30th.

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