Australia Trip 4th Day: Gold Coast

Today was sunny. And the waves got larger and more violent than before.

There was a young woman that went topless today. Want some photos? Too bad the pictures I took were severely overexposed. But I didn't feel anything peculiar when I saw her. It's just so normal. Nothing to be surprised.

Since I got sunburned around my nose, cheeks and shoulders and the sun was strong today, I applied sunscreen before I went into the sea. It's so darn pain when the sunscreen was applied to my shoulders and face. Ouch, man!

Although the sun was scorching hot, the seawater was still ice-cold. Yeah, damn cold. The waves today were even stronger, more violent, and came splashing more frequently! Monsters of the sea. The drag was also stronger and sometimes even the drag could pull me down! What's more, the drag often pull me into the rolling waves: it's like a monster's mouth sucking me to its jaws- and snap! The wave rolls down, twisting and spinning me around.

Once there was a huge wave and I got carried very very far. The wave is so strong that I faced my back to the wave and the wave lifted me up for a metre, sending me for a long, long distance. I got hovered from the ground for a second or so.

Meanwhile, it's also interesting to note that all waves are from the pacific ocean. Every surge, every break and every splash came from the pacific! Oh it's always nice to know that the Pacific is constantly pacifying you with waves. Haha.

Some waves broke not only twice, but thrice. They came breaking from far far away, approached me and broke again, then continued their journey to the shore and broke for the last time. Three times in total.

DSCN2769 (Medium) DSCN2777 (Medium) DSCN2779 (Medium)

After playing in the sea we went back and... slept until tomorrow.

DSCN2786 (Medium)

Oh ya, there is a bible in every unit of the apartment.

DSCN2603 (Medium) 

Sometimes I felt that there isn't many things to do here. I'm not a great fan of theme parks and boat rides. But hey, this is true relaxation. Relax, have fun. That's travelling!

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