SPM is Over. Well, It Never Even Existed Before

SPM is over. For me, at least. But she still got 1 paper to go.

I feel like walking through mist. Senseless although apparent.

Anyway today when I woke up it was already 9:36. So late! It's because I online until 2 o'clock in the morning yesterday. haha.

Anyway when I reached school James, Jue Sheng and Peter was already there, same old place. Then TJ and James Yap came. TJ brought his PSP and played there while we all kept teasing him like shit.

"Ehh!!! SY ah! SY ah! hahaha!"
"Woi what la! Shit you see I lose already!! Diao!"
"Ooi you go hit the car's back for what? Wanna hump SY ah??"
"Hump the exhaust pipe"
"Eh remember the person that humped a BENCH and got his dick STUCK until the next morning??"

Lol. Anyway he's so coward. Hahaha. You know why, TJ. "Fat Chicken lol." And oh, Jue Sheng brought his iPod and let me listened some real pwning video:
Opera No.2- Vitas

And here's the comedy version of it:

Damn funy hahaha!!!

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  1. loL~damn swt la..bt funny..wahaha..