The Final Countdown


SPM is OFFICIALLY OVER. Yay! No it's not. But it IS!

Tomorrow is EST.

What? What's EST? Oh, it's the famous chocolate brand right? Right??


Now, I have 24 hours to the end of SPM.

What? What's SPM? SPM never even existed before!


Anyway, today was Chinese paper a.k.a the "turn white into black paper". The teacher can turn your "white" into "black" and mark you WRONG. Magical, right? The percentage of getting an A1 for this damned subject is even less than 3%, getting an A2 is no easier too, with only about 10% people getting A2. And the rest, B3. For the essay, I wrote 2+ pages full without breaking line. That equals to... 1500 words perhaps? Hahaha. This is the longest essay I've ever written.

And tomorrow's EST... heh, what's that actually? Well, It's another subject with less than 10% chance of getting A1. But who cares? No, seriously, no one give a damn on this subject. Why? Because there's just nothing to do. Well that's the part of the reason. Another reason is: Noob-ness. Consider the subject's name:English in Science and Technology. HELLO? We learn all 3 science subjects in english since we're form 1! Now what's the use of this subject actually? Answer: to reduce the number of students getting 12A1s. Since most Chinese opt to enter science stream, thus making this subject compulsory for us means making less Chinese getting 12A1s. And you know lah, the quota system and all those shits for JPA... Aha, now you know why this idiotic subject existed.

1 more day. 1 more day. 1.. day.. more.. (Les Miserables)
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

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  1. loL~y so difficult 2 get A1 4 dat subject?haha..bt u'd gone tru anyway..