SPM Day 2

History is over. What's over is history. History is history. Oh, mutually exterminating. Thus we would not need to state that and so, it's nothing. (I'm trying to reconcile my shattered, entangled thoughts...)

Basically, it just means that I have a few extra reference books to wipe my ass. More toilet papers. Or maybe I can give to my grandmother to burn for my ancestors? Hmm I guess my ancestors won't like it, yes?

Our history syllabus is absolutely biased, as you can see. Here are some tips if you want to score well in history exam: write everything good about Malay, praise their so-called greatness and so-called intelligence, say how great and brave were the rebels and mobs, praise Islam like shit, say that Islam is "fair, true, trustable, encourages intellectual and moral development" etceteras, Islam was spread through "diplomatic, trading, and marriage," "did not compel people to believe (oh yes, but it prohibits you from leaving)," and that babi nabi Muhammad s.a.w (stupid and wrong) is "clever, charismatic, soft, fair, trustable," fatanah, amanah, tabligh, siddiq (fat S) and all those shit... and don't forget to criticize and assault British, say that their policies are all wrong, seperate the races, brought in the 2 races of "squatters", didn't provide good education for the Malays, Chinese has more schools than the Malays... and you'll definitely get an A1.

Easy, isn't it?

Now you can get an A1!

Anyway, English paper was so easy. Even I, with such lousy English, thinks that it was easy. The only thing that I dearly hope is to get an A2 in my GCE grading (A1 seems to be a bit far fetched).

The more I've suffered, the less I'll need to suffer.


Follow my countdown, my dear, 15 days left only!

Soon it'll be 14... 13... 12... ... ... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...


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