14 Days, People.

3rd day of Stupid Perperiksaan Malaysia.

Mathematics. Modern mathematics.

Have you ever wondered what's so modern in this specific branch of mathematics? The answer lies in the scientific name of modern humans. Homo sapiens has a relatively smaller brain size than his ancestors like Homo erectus or siblings like Homo neanderthals. Thus, considering this, the term "modern" refers to branch of mathematics for stupider people. Now you know why. (But sorry lah, our school forces us to be stupid.)

In SPM, like PMR and UPSR, you can actually score an A1 even if you did the paper with both eyes closed. Perhaps the renowned sleeper Desmond Thong did it while sleeping (and I guarantee you he'll get an A1 for it).

Actually, you should relax between SPM papers. Have a nap, online, blog everyday like me, read books, or even play addicting computer games! I quote Keenen:"SPM isn't that hard when you know that you're up against the M..." Yeah, so, relax! Like me: everyday after exam I'll surely take a nap, 1 or 2 hours perhaps, then read books (just started to read The Da Vinci Code recently- unputdownable), play the piano, and online for 2 hours. After that I'll have my dinner and by the time I study it'll be around 8:20 or 8:30. Around 10:20 I'll go online again, and sleep as early as 10:40 or 11. I'm very relaxed, yes?

So, don't push yourself too hard. Relax.
We're now 2 weeks' time from freedom!

P.S: I have my program selepas SPM readied, just waiting for the day to come!

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