In Less than A Week's Time


I had a dream yesterday. Again. My mind seems to be indefatigable.

I dreamt of her. And...


Anyway, I've started to read Brave New World. Aha, the Alpha-plus intellectuals, Beta-minuses, Gammas, Deltas and Epsilon semi-morons. A world where the world controllers have created the ideal society by using genetic engineering, inculcation and hypnopaedia to differentiate people into 5 castes, each individuals are happy in their castes. The world's motto is "Community, Identity, Stability". "Savage Reservations" are places where people live what we perceive as "normal" today. They are regarded as "savages", living "insane" lives in the seemingly sane world. There's a kind of drug few times stronger than Heroine yet carries zero negative effect of it, called the soma. The Brave New Worlders often eat this pills. In the world, everyone belongs to everyone else. Sex is free without restrictions- children had their erotic play since young- and it's regarded as "normal". In Brave New World, everyone is happy.

Haha, what an interesting story. I just read the first 3 chapters by the way.

6 days. Heh, freedom is just a stretch away!
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