5, 5, 5!

5 days.

* I'm using my father's iPhone to blog this. Let me show you one thing: when I type "nabi Muhammad', the phone will offer me a suggestion: BABI Muhammad. Seriously! You can ask Ian for this.

I'm exasperated by my mini laptop. Its WiFi adapter was so disobedient! Urgh. Every time I bring it to O'Briens (the curve) it'll malfunction. It just can't connect to the internet there! I'm sure that it's not the WiFi provider's problem because my father's phone connected well. Sigh. I think next time I should bring my big laptop there.

Anyway, can anyone save me from keep on reading and starring at
IKEA's 2008 catalog? Its fearful attraction... keeps on seducing me: "come my dear... look at me... heh heh heh heh..." lol. I simply love the designs, it's really inspiring. I want to buy a new desk by the way, a nice one. I've been longing for this for many years. My father is going to bring me to IKEA to buy it after SPM. Teehee.

5! Less than 120 hours! Haha!
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