Chemistry- 1 Week to Freedom

SPM is over! Yay! That means I can play games 24 hours a day, go out everyday without studying! Woohoo! It fee... oh sorry. 4 more subjects. Bah, I'm 95% carefree now! With a little bit of approximation, it equals to 100% insouciance! Haha!

Today was chemistry. Paper 1 was so easy: I spent less than 10 seconds to finish the first two pages. 3 questions, 3 circles- don't deserve more than 10 seconds of my life. Paper two was quite ok, although I was stuck in some essay questions. Paper 3 was easier, and all of us finished within 1 hour. The teacher in charge even slept in the class! He then went messaging using his phone and even went out of the classroom to take calls. haha. We was like looking at each other, smiling, pointing middle fingers to each other, playing with our bottles and so on. Then he came in again, and while there was 10 minutes left, he could sense that all of us had finished the papers and double, or triple checked it, and he asked: "Sangat mudah ke kertas ni? Semua tidur saja." Some people then replied "mudah.. mudah.." and some satirically answered "sangat susah ah..." and everyone followed "yala, sangat susah ah, aiyor, tak tau buat leh.. susah leh..." haha.

Anyway I had a damn weird dream yesterday. It was so weird that so many people appeared in my dream. Among the people were Keenen, Ian, James, Shu Ying, Elizabeth, Hui Yi, Jie Yi, Edmund... In my dream, we were in our school hall, somehow being chased by some African tribe (lol), and they've poisoned some of our friends using their blow-pipe weapon (haha). Then suddenly I had a bicycle in the hall with a tangki-sized engine on it. Then me and Keenen worked to remove the engine from the bike and put it into a damn small and old mini cooper (it's smaller than the smallest mini you've ever seen). Shu Ying and Eli was sitting at the bench while James, Hui Yi, Ian and Jie Yi they all were walking around the hall, somehow joyous (I wonder why were they so happy while being hunted by some human-eating African tribe). Edmund used my laptop to monitor the process of inserting the engine, and after some time it finally worked. We heard the engine's revving but it only has 3 gears (weird). Erm, then I called Jie Yi and took her handphone wanting to shoot the video of our lousy mini. Somehow I couldn't record the video and Jie Yi took over the phone and said: "here la, dumb dumb" haha.
And then I woke up, it was 6:45!

You know what, somehow the dream makes sense, and somehow it does not. It makes sense because each individual events and thoughts are related to what I've seen, felt, heard, touched, or learned. It does not makes sense because when all those events were presented in my dream, it turns illogical, like, how come there's a dumb mini appearing in our school hall? The African Tribe with blow-pipe weapon? Tangki sized engine??? hahaha. But, considering individual events, like the appearance of the African people and their weapon- I've seen and heard of it before. I've also seen the old mini before, and the bicycle. The 3 gears thing also I've encountered before in some racing game where a car (it really exists) has only 3 gears but it is bloody fast. The appearance of my friends and the school hall looked exactly the same (they were in school uniform too). Any dream-analyzer here? Haha.

By the way, today when I got home I started to read Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Wow, only until just now I know that Aldous Huxley is Thomas Henry Huxley, the famous biologist, "Darwin's Bulldog"'s grandson.

7 days, wow! 1 week to freedom!
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