8 Days Left

T: -8 days and counting.

Now I finally know why I suddenly had stomachache in the midst of add maths paper 1. It's because of excessive BA KUA. I've been eating 3 to 4 pieces of Ba kuas everyday before that paper. That's why. The results.

Anyway, I feel damn shit. I got 10 questions wrong for my chemistry past year paper! Argh. And I'm worst in paper 2's essay part and paper 3. If I don't score in paper 1, I'll die. But after tomorrow, heh, I'll be very relaxed. I have confidence in my physics and biology, so I'll be like 95% insouciant about SPM haha. Then I'll start to read Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.

Hmm, I'll be going to the east coast of Australia from 5th to 30th December. I'll travel down the Great Pacific Drive to Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and perhaps Tasmania. And oh, I'll head towards the Twelve Apostles at Great Ocean Road! I really love that scenery. It'll be great!

Let's see who are also travelling after SPM. Hmm, Shu Ying told me that she'll go to Melbourne in December too. Haha, maybe we can meet there. Let's see what's the level of our Yuan2-o-meter. Evelyn said that she will head towards Ireland before 14th December and stay there for a long, long time... That's so fast yea, about 24 days from now.

And speaking of creative ideas to dispose our once-precious moral, Malay and history notes, Xian Tze came out with an idea to burn them using magnifying glass. Heh, science person he is! He'll make use the power of Apollo the Sun God, who lighted the same Olympic Torch to inflame his papers! Haha, at least he gives his papers some respect.Gabrielle just burnt her papers using, er, lighter perhaps. Keenen will do it in a scout's way- create a bonfire with the papers! Haha I'll surely sponsor some fuel to the fire. Maybe we can gather some people and burn all the papers together! There'll be a hell large and strong fire haha! See those papers burning in fire is the way to make us happy.

I hope time will go faster now. But please, mr.time, slow down after our SPM. I want to savour every single millisecond of my life after SPM.

8 days to freedom!
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