Add Maths and Moral- 9 Days

9 days, hey!

So today was Additional Mathematics and Moral. Add maths 1 is so, so, so easy. Even if you give the paper to a standard 1 noob kid he also can score A, man! There's a question that only involve kindergarten mathematics (really, you got to see it to believe it). The question goes like this: f (x) = x - 1. What's f (5)? WHAT IS 5 MINUS 1????? 4 LAH, DUH! This is such a disgrace to my intelligence you know. Ian's relative who failed her add maths for 6 bloody terms also got an A1 in SPM! Can you imagine the standard of SPM? All you need to do to pass the paper is get 6 marks. So, you just need to copy the equation for 6 questions and you pass! Anyway, paper 2 was harder. At least they know the need to acknowledge our knowledge or else our brains will rot.

Then it's moral, my worst subject. Do you know how relieved am I when the paper ended? I felt so euphoric! Now I can rightfully burn all my nilai papers or wipe my ass with them! yay! Life is so much easier without these failure subjects (Malay, Moral, History) that can distort your view on the world. A perfect example is this: nilai sanggup berkorban untuk negara. In this stupid nilai, they actually call you to be a matyr for the country! This is so, so stupid and.. er, 1940' thinking! lol.

Well we all say that we're going to burn our books or wipe our round asses with them- but who did it? Well I haven't do it, but I certainly will. heh, I'll post a photo of me burning my nilai paper perhaps. To my surprise Gabrielle actually burnt her BM papers! She say it's to relieve stress or so, haha.

9 days! So, so near.
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Anyway here's a damn funny video (you can straightly move to the last part if you want):


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