4 days.

I'm absolutely in love with Debussy's musics now. It's so, so, so nice! He paints sceneries with his musics... so soothing.. so loving.. One of the highest beauty I rate. I'm learning his Prelude (Préludes Book II, No.5- Bruyères. You can find it in ABRSM 02/03 Grade 8 Piano Examination pieces), and it's absolutely lovely, poetic in some sense. And Clair De Lune! His musics are always filled with a certain... je ne sais quoi (heh)..

Anyway today when I was flipping through the newspapers, my jaw dropped down when I read that Muslims are banned from practicing yoga. The reason for banning: it may lead Muslims to lose their faith, practicing things that are against Islam, and lead them astray from Islamic teachings. I was like, WTF? Some mere movements can lead a person to change his religion? Exercising can make a person lose his faith? Is their faith so weak and fragile that can't even stand some exercise? If yoga can lead people into Hinduism, then the people of C races should have converted into Hinduism one by one!
[...] while merely doing the physical movements of yoga without the worshipping and chanting might not be against religious beliefs, Muslims should avoid practising it altogether as “doing one part of yoga would lead to another”
“In Islam, a believer must not do things that can erode one’s aqidah or faith. Doing yoga, even just the physical movements, is a step towards erosion of one’s faith in the religion, hence Muslims should avoid it.”
“There are many other forms of exercise that Muslims can partake in, especially when the religion promotes healthy living and lifestyle. Performing prayers, for example, is a good form of exercise.”
Breathaking LOL-ness! When you pray, you speak to God, and God will make you healthy and fit! Nice exercise! "Doing one part of yoga will lead to another," LMFAO! If it's so, my mother and 2 sisters should be reading karma sutra now HAHAHA! Doing some physical movements can lead to the deterioation of aqidah? What kind of logic is this? Perhaps, if you make love 10 times a day, your faith will dissipate; but not these physical movements! So you see, these people blockheads are doing stupid nonsensical stuffs. It's nothing but BS.

The person shouting azam in the mosque near my house is utterly horrible. His voice, oh my goodness, from a low pitch jump to high, base to tennor, "ALLAH-UH AKHBA---AAA---(pitch goes down)---AAA---(pitch raises again)---AAAAR!" Urgh. He broke my equanimity.

By the way, I've finished reading Brave New World. Great, intriguing story it is! If Huxley lived till today, he would have make some changes followed by decades of computering developments. There would be no Alpha-minuses giving out soma to Deltas like Santa Claus giving presents to kids. Instead, there would be, in my imagination, several machines with identity recognition function identifying every Delta and giving out the soma portions accordingly. haha.

4 days! Few days later, I'll leave the phailed system and head towards the real good one.. heh.
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P.S: The new Gmail theme is nice (mine is "mountains")!

Claude Debussy's Prelude No.5 Book 2: Bruyères.

This is what I mean beautiful.

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