13 More Days

Less than 2 week from freedom.

Although just 4 subjects had passed, I'm already a bit insouciant here, hehe. Keep on reading The Da Vinci Code only (I know I'm a bit outdated and the timing isn't that good. lol). This book is really well researched.It contains a mountain of information. Overwhelming informations. Sometimes I feel like reading a factual book rather than fiction.

O, Draconian Devil! Oh, Lame Saint!
Leonardo Da Vinci! The Mona Lisa!

The Holy Grail. Sangreal. San Greal. Sang Real.

It's like the truh that had been neglected for centuries now resurfaced and publicized widely. Dan Brown claimed that all of the descriptions are real. Indeed it sounds truthful, even devastating. I'll do my research after SPM. It's really interesting to know these things. The pagan symbols. Goddess worship. And the dark side of Chrisian church.

Anyway, I only did 30 additional mathematics questions over the whole day. That's so few! Ah but who cares. I'll stick with my Da Vinci, perhaps until 9 o'lock, or just read until midnight. heh heh. As I said before, unputdownable.

Anyway, today my dog killed a lizard. A 2.5 feet long lizard. Days before SPM, I'd chased a 1 foot long (and fat) lizard out of my house. I just don't want to kill it (I know I'm a caring and loving person, hehe). The lizard kept on hiding under one of my refrigerators, and I used torch light, brooms, sticks, hangars and all to get him out of it. heh.

13 more days. It's so great. I can feel a slight happiness within me.

The day is coming!

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