A Very Brief History of Time...

I still can't believe that I have only one more day in school before I depart from the whole secondary schooling system. It's just so fast. Think about it, the daily routine that I've been following for 5 years, the school and environment, friends, teachers, uniforms... I gonna miss them. I have only one more day for these. After that, no more.

6 years ago when primary school ended, I don't feel a thing. That's because most of my close friends are going to CHS, same as me. But now, I deeply felt the sorrow within, the pre-graduation emo.

Over the 5 years, I've changed much. I'm not the small naive kid anymore. I've learn many things.

During primary school's time I was quite a small bully in class. I liked to push my friends from the back or simply beat them up. Because of this, I was isolated by the whole class. I felt sad, of course. I even cried at home. That's because during that time I don't know I was that bad.

During form 1, I suddenly realized it. I felt that I was a jerk (lol). And I finally knew why I was isolated. Recalling my memory, I felt that I'm a real NOOB during form 1. I'm just so stupid! I liked a girl. And the way I approach her was like... OMG. I don't feel like mentioning it. I don't really like form 1 that much.

Form 2: The year with much regret. I can't believe that I've ruined my relationship with Fang Leng. I truly regretted for doing that. And all in a sudden she changed school! I was truly shocked. Luckily, I've got into contact with her recently. But I still regret for doing so. I've treasured her in my heart for so long. And yeah, this is the year when my appearance started to change into how I look today. ;)

Form 3 was ... quite bad. I regretted the most in this year for not joining popular clubs like Edboard, LM/LKT, Interact... and all. This had made me so... inactive? or... insignificant? Lol. Another thing in this year is that I've utterly, single-handedly destroyed the relationship between me and her. I seriously feel like a damn useless loser. WTF man I'm really a loser, a damn NOOB!

The next year, 4S5, was quite a nice year for me. I joined several clubs (although quite unpopular, but no choice la), became KK of UKH, but failed pathetically to even get nominated for LKT committee. Ah ya, I joined YE. Initially I liked it, but later I felt that it was... boring. It just lacks of something. I've noticed that some of my friends changed (in terms of personality) in this year. Some opted a miserable path, some had a 180 degree turn from a (half) gangster into a (very) smart intellectual.

Form 5 was a boom. Everything was great. I simply love it. I had more friends, some which I really admire, some nice to talk with, some that are able to share my feelings. The ISA of CHS is always a Pro group of people. This year, we ISA-ed intensely, incited a minor student movement, never passed up homework for 9 months and so on. I met more friends, really great friends like Peter, Keenen, and Ian they all. (Although in the same class, during form 4's time I wasn't that close with Keenen and Ian) If you'd noticed, I only started to read English books this year. Before that I only read Chinese books as it's easier for me, and I realized the importance of English only when I mix with the ISA gang as they normally speaks English (I know I'm a noob).

I've gone through a lot of shits in these 5 years. And a lot of fun too! However I truly regret at not reading books and improve my English. Moreover, the girl I liked (in form 3) is still keeping distance from me. I've tried a few times to reconcile our relationship but failed, again and again. I guess it's over. Following our graduation, I left no time to hope for anything good between us. Let it be.

I'm parting this school, all of us are going in various different directions, will we ever meet again? What about my close friends? Am I going to lose them 1 by 1 like my parents said? How am I going to keep close relationship with them? I'm still figuring out...

James, Peter, Keenen, Ian, Shimin, and all,
Amigos Para Siempre

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