The Day Before Graduation

Today is a great day. The day before graduation. The very last day I'm following this routine of going school, perhimpunan, class, sleep, recess, and so. Tomorrow is graduation day and I'll be going out to KLCC with friends. This is the last schooling day with uniform in my life. Tomorrow is different. everything will be different.

Thus, I've tried to make full use of today. I took a lot of photos, with Jie Yi, James, TJ, Ian, Pooi Guan and all.

Basically we just follow our normal school-day routine, but with more interesting break-the-rule acts: snapping photos everywhere, everytime, everyone.

During recess time we did the same thing again: sneaking out fries- but this time is 2 packets of fries with 2 bottles of carbonated drink! Haha. And again, I waved my fries in front of the same camera, as if saying "nur ny nur ny nur nurr!"

After recess comes the best thing today. Since Ray Aun brought his cello and asked James to help him fix his D string, James performed live in front of all of us (haha "all", actually it's just the ISA gang). We gathered around him in front of the prefects' room. First he fixed the string, then he tuned the strings... His every movement was interpreted as PRO moves in our eyes, haha (he is, indeed, a PRO).

The cello's sound is nice, the resonance is quite strong. I can actually feel the resonance! Damn, it's nice. Then James started to play. The first piece he played wasHaydn C. The moment he started playing everyone was silent. My jaws just dropped down naturally, everyone was quite stunned at his playing. I recorded all of his plays in my camera, but since the video is very large, I'm lazy to upload it here.

After that he played Saint Saens, Drovak, Bach Suite, Elgar... and more which I don't know their names. Some are (beautifully) sad pieces (The Swan) which reflects our pre-grad emo. You know when after a performance a second or so pause before the audience clap their hands means 'superb' and 'amazing' right... After he finished the Elgar we all paused for a second before we burst into applause. Haha. You can imagine that,

By the way, here are the photos:

Me and the ever cute & chubby Jie Yi.
Not all chubby girls are cute. But Jie Yi is.
Ian is hot!
Class photo with madam Sim.
Ian and madam Sim.
Me and madam Sim.
Keenen riding Ian.
Keenen pwns. Just look at Ian's facial expressions.
Now TJ got pwned by Keenen.
Ian and TJ.
Me and James.
Joseph! Study study study, want become Nazi.
GIRLS SCHOOL's paper! haha.
Me, Hur Beng, and James.
Ian and Fiona- "fly" glasses.
Kai Jie, Me, and Fiona.
Shi Ning and Li Kee.
TJ and James (the use of the red tie can be seen below)
The ISA gang!!!!!
Peter and me.
Me and Jonathan.
Min Chern, James (Yap), Peter, James, and me.
Peter "playing" cello. (haha we all acting only)
TJ playing cello.
Hey, I'm also "playing"!
A better one.
I just realized that although I took so many videos of him playing the cello, I didn't take any photo of him playing.
Group photo: The ISA gang with a cello.

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