If You're a BLACK HOLE

Do you know that you, yes, YOU can form a BLACK HOLE? The mysterious, scarry space object that sucks in everything until even light couldn't escape it?

In fact, everything can become a black hole, as long as it has MASS. You, your dog, your pencil, your hair... even a grain of sand can turn into a black hole, sucking in everything- yes SUCK IN everything to NOWHERE.

Actually, its easy for you to become a black hole: apply enough pressure. With enough pressure, you'll be compressed, your bones will crack (*evil laughs*), neck will break (I mean, powderize), everything will collapse under the pressure.... and until a point (with totally unimaginable pressure), you'll form a black hole. Ding! it's that easy.

If you don't move when under compression and the pressure exerted is so precise that every part of your body falls perpendicularly to a perfect point, you'll eventually become a Schwarzschild Black Hole- a black hole that does not rotate.

Every black hole has its event horizon- the point where anything goes in it GOES IN FOREVER- even LIGHT, a particle with such great speed. The radius of the event horizon for a Schwarzschild Black Hole is given by the formula: R = 2GM / C^2 where G is gravity, M is mass, and C is the speed of light.

So, let's calculate: if I'm compressed into a black hole, what's the distance you should keep before my gravitational field cold-bloodedly TEAR YOU APART?

My weight is 70 kg, so
R = 2(9.80665)(70) / (299792458)^2
R = 1.52 x 10^-14
R = 0.0152pm

Wow, so tiny. It's just 0.0152 picometer! Even smaller than a hydrogen atom.

So, don't be terrified by black holes. It's a gravitational field: if out sun is replaced a black hole with the same mass, Earth's and other planets' orbit will not change AT ALL. If our Earth if turned into a black hole, all you need to do is keep a distance of 3cm from the black hole formed.

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