To The Church

Just came back from Church with Ian and Keenen.

Frankly speaking, the church gives me a nice feeling. Yes, the choir, the songs, and people and the atmosphere.

By the way, today father O.C Lim was speaking. He's quite pwning, haha. He can really relate politics with bible. And he don't say the word "God", but he said "Allah" (He repeated many times Allah Allah Allah, haha). Actually, Allah means "God", not "Muslim's God" or any other specific religion's god. So it's totally correct to use "Allah" as it's an Arabic word and Christianity came from there. (Oh yeah, he's damn rich too)

The Church is one of the richest in Malaysia according to Ian. Well, it's really big. I was quite surprised when I first see the number of people and the size of the church. Then I saw something special: the speaker- it's a BOSE!!!!! Oh my God man. This is the best speaker system in the world. You can imagine how pwn it is la.

There's a girl who sings damn nice there. Ian says that she's from our school too! Well her voice is absolutely sweet and delicate, man. It's like the voice of angel. haha. During father's speech, he mentioned "ISA" for more than 5 times, and "RPK" for about 3 times. All of the times he related it with the bible and the promised land, world with eternal happiness etc. That's quite pro actually.

Then the eucharist eating session reminded me of PZ Myers, the guy who pierced the eucharist, the koran, and the god delusion. his message was: nothing is sacred. and that's it. (well he do seems to lack some respect to others though)

After the mass we went to Williams by taxi. Man, the food was nice! The portion is bloody big, omg man, I couldn't finish the Carbonara Spagetthi. Its varieties are similar to murni's, even its drinks.Ian ordered an OMFG-huge seafood fried rice. The prawn pwns- it's freakin' large, resembling a small lobster. Keenen ordered a chicken burger which totally pwns all the burgers of McD Burger King or any other fast food restaurants' burgers. Pure pwnage man.

We chatted for a while there, and Ian's mum came to fetch him. Initially me and Keenen just wanted to go to the LRT station by Ian's car, but his mum was so generous she fetch us home- right to the doorstep that kind. I'm really grateful of that.

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