Friday, July 04, 2008

Just another ordinary diary-of-the-day post.

Early in the morning, LLL(triple L) wanted Peter to take photos of students praying(for some sort of projects). He bumped into we 3(me, TJ & Jue Sheng), and asked us to pretend praying. So we was like, what? pray? in front of so many people? haha. Anyway, we did it- and we'll be on LLL's project! Haha.

The Three Musketeers Three Atheists Who Pray. Haha!

Ooh... Very sincere... LLL won't mind. This shows a failed system.


The Peter version of Hisham! Spot the difference? Haha! (Sword edited by Peter)


LKT interview. Some people just misunderstood the definition of 'interview'. An interview is carried out to obtain information from the interviewee, NOT to get the opportunity to behave so hostile and vicious in asking such dilemmatic questions. That just shows a person's ego.

Anyway, we had some fun time after the interview, by pretending ourselves as interviewees and Lee Heng, Zhen Xuan as interviewers.


Love can drive people crazy. Yes, but not me (yet? don't know). 2 days more to S.T.'s birthday (although I never talked to her before, but, hmm, still know that she exists somewhere in CHS) R.H., as her all time secret long admitted admirer, prepared a present that showed his deep affection towards her. Man, the present was really great. It shows R.H.'s effort, truly. And also not forgetting L.K.'s great present to her hubby.


  1. ooi, the fat one looks like osama to me. Haha. Praying to Allah???

  2. HAHA. Yeah. OSAMA Praying to ALLAH. As always. He hopes to bring disaster to US. lol.