CCTV is for safety, but it could also be used as a spying tool.

Throughout the years, several CCTV cameras had been installed all around our school for safety. But then, just as recent as yesterday, a special CCTV has been rivetted just outside our school's men's toilet.

For what? I ask.

Is it there to stalk on us unzipping our pants? If it's pointed on the school gate or fence I would have understand, but toilet! Imagine several zoom-able CCTVs shooting on girl's toilet.

Thus today, someone pushed the CCTV upwards so that it could only shoot on lizards performing sex or defecating. Well, free-animal-porn for the disciplinary board of the school!


  1. Lol.


    Tsk tsk!

  2. haha yeah! lol. Lizard-porn!

    I think LKL must be watching it everyday since the CCTV monitors are located in her room lmao