Cake Baking Competition

Yesterday, our living skills society organized a cake-baking competition. Opened for members only, 17 people joined, I'm in the same group with Shimin.

Right after school I headed straightly towards the baking room and found that most people were already there. Also, up until today only I realized my ignorance towards cooking. I don't even know the terms! Ah well. Anyway, Shimin handled it quite well.

Then, there's something which screwed us up. The timer of the new looking oven is faulty- and it had cajoled a few groups, including us. Luckily, we were the first to discover, not forgetting that the few groups that used this oven may have their cakes in semi-solid form.

While waiting for the cake to bake, I'd brought an extra pack of Nescafe 2 in 1 to quench my thirst. Man, it smells real good. There was also a time when Shimin (and me, too) felt that our hair were messy and decided to 'visit' girls' toilet which has mirrors in it. So I called Jia Xin to inspect whether there was any people inside. Then, we entered.

Wow, the girl's toilet was so big and spacious! It's even larger than my classroom! And much more cleaner and odourless than the boy's toilets. So me and Shimin took few minutes inside before we went back to the baking room. Jia Xin somehow looked like a housewive... laugh out loud!

I drinked another cup of coffee before the competition ends. Anyway, I've met some new people here- especially Soo Ling. I did not knew before that she was a clarinetist from my primary school. Also, she showed her creativity in helping us to transform the dull-written names on the cardboard (by me) into a splendid colourful art. Goddess' hands, haha!

The judges consisted of Ms.Poon, another teacher, Wilson, Pooi Guan, Suzanne, Yimei, Shimin & Eng Kang went on to test our cakes and give marks. Then me & Soo Ling was like, trying to bribe Eng Kang to get more marks, haha. After giving marks, it's party time. (not real party, just walking around and eating)

Around 5:00 to 5:30 most of us had went back to our respective homes, and only a few stayed to continue cleaning up the room ;)

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