Black Chinese

Again, the bullshitter continues to brag.

"I tell you, the whole 50 SPM EST papers I finished marking it within 4 days! 4 DAYS ONLY!!!"
Michael, then why after 40 days you haven't complete marking our class' papers??? Duh.

"You think you are very smart. You can write bad about people, condemn them and think that you're smart. But you're an idiot! You can create a blog, although I don't know how la, and write about people, but in reality you're an IDIOT!!!"
As James said, "those who are normal will call idiots 'idiot', those who are idiots will call those who are normal 'idiots'. If you don't get what I mean, just imagine Michael calling Bill Gates an idiot who does not know how to CHAO KUEY TEOW."

"You get 8 A's you're still an IDIOT! You don't know how to cook, how to wash toilet, how to mop the floor YOU'RE AN IDIOT! Shame to you as a woman!!"

"Yes I'm an idiot too. (Finally he concedes) My chinese is not very good and I still got to learn and study."
OF COURSE your chinese is not good, AT ALL! You can't even recognize words and speak correctly! You're an Indian YET YOU CLAIM YOURSELF AS 'CHINESE IN A BLACK SKIN', WTF! I'd never met people shameless as you. WHAT A DISGRACE TO FELLOW CHINESE AND INDIANS!

James' tirade on Michael can be found here.

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