Plan Change

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Just a day after my dad bought the tickets for the 45 days China expedition, I’m aware that this plan is most probably not going to materialize. Why? Because I have a small plan change, which changed all my plans.

Now I probably don’t have a 10-months-holidays anymore (sigh). This means that I probably can’t work, can’t earn money, and can’t buy those intoxicating lenses. And urgh, no more 45-days expedition, which is so, so bad!

Why the plan change, by the way?

Well, I went to college in the afternoon to retrieve a letter. Apparently it is a letter from the University of Tasmania (yeah, you would’ve guessed it by now). So I received this yellow envelope from the staff and felt the weight of the letter. Although I felt somewhat excited, I restrained myself from opening the letter immediately. I brought it back to my car and revealed its contents.

So it goes. It’s the letter of conditional offer from UTAS. All I need to do now is to score a TER of above 95 and an ‘A’ in chemistry. I really do hope that I can fare well. IF I really do succeed (notice the ‘if’), I’ll begin my course as early as February- and thus the plan change!

Too bad, sometimes a little sacrifice is needed to achieve a greater goal.

This isn’t really a good compromise though.

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