HB2 Orchard Trip, Day 3

Continued from day 2.

I woke up around 6 and saw Carol beside me slept again. Then I woke up at 8:30 a.m. Hooi Sann went to sleep in Carol’s car, apparently Carol did the same too (after sleeping in the tent). Poh Seng and Bao slept in Poh Seng’s car.

After the usual preparations, few of us played a game. Since many freshly picked bananas just arrived, the dude that lost were treated with 5 bananas in his mouth:

DSC_2819-1 (Small)

DSC_2824-1 (Small)

DSC_2827-1 (Small)

DSC_2835-1 (Small)

DSC_2837-1 (Small)

Quite a waste of bananas, really.

DSC_2815-1 (Small)

Following that me, Poh Seng, Ah Bao and Vincent went to fish. The fishes were still as greedy as before- I caught two more fishes, all released back to the pond. The couple caught another two too, released also. That was my first time hooking live earthworms and unhooking he hook from the fishes’ mouths. It was kinda disgusting watching yellowish, sticky fluid flowing out from the earthworm. Yucks.

DSC_2844-1 (Small)

Looks film-ish, no?

Around 10 a.m we went out for breakfast. I sat in Chin Ken’s car, and others sat in Vincent’s and Carol’s cars. Tj who were the sole “leftover” walked towards us. Chin Ken straightly locked the door and didn’t want to let him in. The fat one banged the door and kept on pulling the door handle hardly as if he’s gonna destroy the car. Chin Ken reversed the car but he was still pulling it. At last he sat in Carol’s car.

We went back to the same place and I ordered the same thing again- Pan Mee. It was really tasty, damn. When we went back to the orchard it was already 11:30 a.m. We played some ball games namely volleyball and football. Well I’m not a sports person and so I simply played. Kinda fun though.

Around 2:15 p.m Mr. Liew came by and invited us to visit his main orchard. It’s a 100 acre plantation site and has got some nice view.

Anyway, we managed to take some group shots before we left:

Lovely place suggested by Carol.

DSC_2848-1-2 (Small)

DSC_2847-1 (Small)

DSC_2849-1 (Small)

DSC_2850-1-2 (Small)

We packed our luggage and followed his car there. After arriving we all went down from our sedans and loaded onto his pickup truck. The real 4WD power was shown. 7 of us stood behind. It was a really bumpy ride with many potholes, slopes and yeah, the soil surface is quite uneven.

DSC_2856-1 (Small)

DSC_2859-1 (Small)

DSC_2862-1 (Small)

DSC_2876-1 (Small)

We visited phase 1 of the plantation and saw some really nice fruits:

DSC_2879-1 (Small)

DSC_2881-1 (Small)

DSC_2882-1 (Small)

DSC_2883-1 (Small)

DSC_2885-1 (Small)

After that we visited phase 2 of the plantation and went to the peak of the hill. The view was pleasant and we had more group shots, jump shots and car ad shots.

DSC_2894-1-2 (Small)

Real estate shot.

DSC_2899-1 (Small)

DSC_2906-1 (Small)

There were many mosquitoes (look at Chin Ken and Poh Seng).

DSC_2908-1 (Small)

DSC_2910-1 (Small)

DSC_2911-1 (Small)

DSC_2913-1 (Small)

DSC_2920-1 (Small)

If he place his right hand on his dick it’ll be an MJ pose.

DSC_2923-1 (Small)

DSC_2926-1 (Small) DSC_2930-1 (Small)

DSC_2939-1 (Small)

DSC_2953-1 (Small)

DSC_2959-1 (Small)

Lol Chin Ken.

DSC_2961-1 (Small)

DSC_2967-1-2 (Small)

DSC_2972-1 (Small)

Looks like giant standing on the hill.

Car ad shots:

DSC_2974-1 (Small)

DSC_2978-1 (Small)

DSC_2981-1 (Small)

Showing butt:

DSC_2984-1 (Small)

DSC_2987-1 (Small)

On the way back to the entrance we saw some cute puppies.

DSC_2991-1 (Small)

DSC_2996-1 (Small)

Off-road, man.

Finally, we all headed back to our home at around 4 o’clock.

It is a superlatively awesome and terrific trip thanks to HB2, the most swell class in the world and Carol’s uncle Mr. Liew. We owe him a lot, he’s really kind and we’re really grateful for everything he has done for us.

See ya all on Tuesday, HB2.


  1. aww.. really great. And surprisingly you memorized the exact word of what they said.

  2. Wow, i think u really enjoy your trip...
    Here's somethin' to share with you!