HB2 Orchard Trip, Day 2

Continued from day 1.

The night was so effing cold and I woke up after merely two and a half hours of sleep. In fact, I was awakened by the unbearable cold and were shivering all night. The chair I was sleeping on is kinda hard and not comfy. I woke up around 6:30 a.m and sat on the chair until 7. I was resting, and resisting the cold too. By 9 o’clock almost everyone was up. Some bathed and others brush their teeth. Chin Ken borrowed my toothpaste.

DSC_2498-1 (Small)

“Eh ya, my toothpaste tastes a bit weird one ah.”

“Oh ok.”

And he went to brush his teeth. After awhile he reappeared, holding his toothbrush: “Woah my toothbrush damn nice to use lo!” Apparently half of the brush was gone, all broken into pieces. “I was brushing my teeth and thought, eh why Lee Young’s toothpaste feels damn weird and spiky one? Then I took out my toothbrush and WTF! All patah wei.”The toothbrush must have been kept at the shop for a very very long time until its brush had hardened. “Damn nice toothbrush” lol..

DSC_2507-1 (Small)

DSC_2504-1 (Small)

Around 10 Mr. Liew came (he slept in the house too) and offered bringing us to the town for breakfast and (after that) touring around. We agreed because we wanted to sit (stand) at the platform of his pickup truck (Mitsubishi Triton, yo). Sorry Vincent and Tj, uncle is scared that the platform can’t bear the weight of you both. So Vincent drove his car too. Me, Jean, Chin Ken, Hooi Sann, Poh Seng and Ah Bao were the goods carried behind.

DSC_2517-1 (Small)

DSC_2519-1 (Small)

DSC_2524-1 (Small)

The wind was strong behind (due to the speed) and all our hair went out of shape. It was so funny looking at Chin Ken and Poh Seng’s “new hairstyles” which looks like those from the 80’s.

DSC_2527-1 (Small)

DSC_2528-1 (Small)

DSC_2532-1 (Small)

DSC_2535-1 (Small)

DSC_2549-1 (Small)

We arrived at the town’s market street and I ordered Pan Mee. The Pan Mee there is super nice, to say the least. What’s more, Poh Seng treated us all using the money he “earned” last night.

DSC_2554-1 (Small)

DSC_2555-1 (Small)

After that our tour begins. Firstly we saw a big mining lake totally covered by plants until it looks like a field. In actual, according the Mr. Liew, the lake is very deep. Don’t be fooled by the lake’s disguise, you know.

DSC_2561-1 (Small)

It’s a deep, deep lake.

DSC_2560-1-2 (Small)

After that we went to a forlorn tunnel entrance. It was originally a coal mining site’s entrance (Batu Arang= Coal. This place was once a coal mining site during British reign) and now it is totally abandoned. Every inch of its floor is covered with pieces of rocks and cement, and its walls are vandalized. There is no light source except a large hole beside the tunnel. We ventured for twenty metres and arrived at a deep descent. It was totally dark deep down. Mr. Liew said that its flooded down there. I took some shots using flash and proved the fact:

DSC_2568-1 (Small)

I didn’t take photos of the tunnel because I was recording video clip.

Then Vincent abandoned his car and he and Tj joined our pack. So there. 11 people on a pickup truck. Very fun indeed.

DSC_2571-1 (Small)

DSC_2572-1 (Small)

DSC_2577-1 (Small)

DSC_2579-1 (Small)

DSC_2583-1-2 (Small)

Mr. Liew was searching for roads into the largest mining lake (there were 13 of’em) but with no avail. We went into a mining field (not flooded yet), reached a dead-end and U-turned, and finally reached a place with nice view of some mining lakes.

DSC_2587-1 (Small)

The mining lake we ventured in.

DSC_2651-1 (Small)

The view (click the panorama for larger picture) :

Three Lakes-1 (Custom)

DSC_2660-1 (Small)

Three colours.

The view there is nice, and what’s special is that the three lakes there have different and distinct colours. One is brownish, another is black, and the third one is a pleasing blue. There is an army base beside the place we went, some brick-making factories around, and a tortoise on the road.

DSC_2648-1 (Small)

DSC_2671-1-2 (Small)

Brick factory.

DSC_2605-1 (Small)

DSC_2608-1 (Small)

DSC_2613-1 (Small)

DSC_2614-1 (Small)

DSC_2619-1 (Small)

DSC_2629-1 (Small)

DSC_2637-1 (Small)

DSC_2640-1 (Small)

From what I’ve heard from Mr. Liew, mining lake no.9 is the first or second largest lake in that area. Unfortunately enough, few years ago there was a pig farm built nearby. The secretions of the pigs were irresponsibly managed and it polluted lake no.9. As a result, lake no.9 is now ugly and unattractive anymore. This reminds me of spider pig from The Simpsons.

DSC_2632-1 (Small)

DSC_2631-1 (Small)

Apart from that, we also went to a previous British top officer’s house (which is haunted, but a dude boldly moved into it) and a cow milking its calf in the middle of the road.

DSC_2642-1 (Small)

DSC_2677-1 (Small)

DSC_2694-1 (Small)

We arrived back at the orchard at 11:30 a.m. Shortly after we arrived, the rain started to fall. Damn, this is an effing infatigable rain. It was raining all the way until midnight with only short pauses.

When we arrived, Carol’s grandparents were there too. There was this instance when we were playing cards, and Carol’s grandfather who is quite old and having a little disability walked towards us slowly. We greeted him, and he wanted to sit on a chair nearby Tj. So what Tj did? He just sat there and did nothing. We could see that Carol’s grandpa needed help and urged him to help him. Tj just stood up, and moved the chair a little, and sat back down again. We were like WTF. After more urges only Tj did the right thing, that is helping and aiding Carol’s grandfather to sit on the chair.

DSC_2718-1 (Small)

We all rested comfortably in the cool weather. I played another match of Chinese chess with Vincent and card games with others. I did some long exposures too, after seeing a waterfall-like pattern of rainwater draining from the wavy zinc rooftop.

DSC_2725-1 (Small)

We gambled again, which totalled my profit to –38 bucks. Darn heartache man.

DSC_2706-1 (Small)

DSC_2714-1 (Small)

Our stuffs:

DSC_2742-1 (Small)

DSC_2743-1 (Small)

Around evening we went out for dinner. We were brought to a place not very near from the orchard, and had a great dinner.

DSC_2747-1 (Small)

DSC_2751-1 (Small)

DSC_2753-1 (Small)

DSC_2757-1 (Small)

DSC_2759-1 (Small)

DSC_2761-1 (Small)

DSC_2764-1 (Small)

DSC_2771-1 (Small)

DSC_2767-1 (Small)

Me, Poh Seng and Bao sat in Chin Ken’s car and we went to another faraway place to visit some insects- fireflies. It wasn’t a short journey, and frankly speaking I think that “firefly visit” would appeal children more than us. But a great thanks to Carol’s uncle for bringing us there though, he’s a really helpful and kind person (in fact, more than half of us wanted to go there, mostly girls).

DSC_2782-1 (Small)

Well the firefly show is quite spectacular. But I think there are more mosquitoes than there are fireflies. Don’t get me wrong, there is really an uncountable number of fireflies, but it’s the same for the amount of mosquitoes too.

DSC_2793-1 (Small)

DSC_2786-1-2 (Small)

DSC_2787-1 (Small)

Titanic, once more.

We reached back orchard at about 9:30 p.m. It as raining again, and we played cards (again) and light-painting (again).

DSC_2796-1 (Small)

DSC_2802-1 (Small)

DSC_2804-1 (Small)

DSC_2805-1 (Small)

There was an instance where we saw “third party”. It appeared at one of the light-painted photos, just in front of Vincent. She was bluish, dark, and without a head. This scared the hell outta many of us, but not me. I never believe in all these shit things, and upon seeing the “ghost” I straightly zoomed in to reveal its real identity. Apparently its just Poh Seng’s towel clad on a chair. The bluish cast was caused by the ceiling light. There’s nothing to be scared of.

After that we went outdoor to eat the freshly made and delicious mashed potato prepared by the sweet couple Poh Seng and Bao. We also cooked Korean noodles and played with it. How? By sucking some very long noodles up our mouth, against the gravity. As expected, Vincent who has the biggest lungs (thus the lung language) did the best in this. We also made a lot of jokes and laughed until 2 o’clock.

The ever cool Carol who just had enough rest walked out and sat alone at the other side, isolated from us. She was damn cool wei. Chin Ken tried to scare her by using a stick to move her hair but she just turned her head slowly towards us as if nothing had happened. She didn’t say anything.

After the lesson yesternight, this time I chose to sleep in the tent sheltered from the cold. Jean, Hooi Sann, Cam and Tj were playing cards until 3:30 a.m, and Carol saw a meteor passing by. After the meteor passed by, Jean fell down from the table, apparently caused by some idiot, according to sources.

I was sleeping so deeply inside the tent and didn’t hear the loud bang from the falling table at all.

Continue to day 3.

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