Silver Halide Reaction

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It's out! My very first roll of film.

Fuji Velvia RVP 50, developed and scanned- perfectly ready for archive and internet.

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So colourful! I thought it's in black & white/ negative?

Fuji Velvia 50 is a colour positive film, not negative. When I first saw the developed films I gasped at the richness of the colour the film is able to produce. The saturation, vibrancy, dynamic range, and sharpness... wow.

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Placed in front of my laptop screen.

The results are worth the price. Although it's certainly not cheap (RM55 for developing and scanning, RM28 for the film), but the images are amazing.

It's almost 3 dimensional!

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Using my cell phone as a light-table.

The scanned images are great, but it is nowhere as impressive as the film itself! Digital just can't justify analogue, really.

And now, the images!

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Film just looks right!

Most of the photos taken gradually overloaded the highlights. Only in some images which the sun was in the frames show washed out highlights. Compare to digital, film handles dynamic range far better.

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No clipping, also!

You may see some washed out parts if you haven't calibrate your display properly. In fact, I'm perfectly able to pull the sky back to grey 18%!

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One thing that I've learned after seeing the film developed is that Nikon FA's matrix meter is more reliable than I thought. Most of the shots with high contrast which, from what I've heard, will produce overexposed images are slightly underexposed due to the deliberate exposure compensation I've dialled in. Thus instead of -0.7 compensation, I really should only set in -0.3 to compensate the exposure.

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The scanned film looks very sharp due to the absence of Bayer Interpolation. To be frank, even the film itself looks super sharp!

The film was scanned at 300DPI. Not a very high resolution, but looks as sharp as the images from my D90. Damn the interpolation! In future, I can take the same developed film and scan it again at a much higher resolution. Film follows the advancement of technology!

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P.S: I just discovered another shop that does E-6! Apparently there are only 2 shops in Malaysia that process slide film using the correct method. The shop is Photo Media, located at SS2. I should pay a visit there next time because it's more convenient and cheap ;)

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