More on First Roll

23340001-1-2 (Medium)

Frame 0.

Because this was my first time loading film, I pulled the leader out more for easy loading. Thus this half-fogged frame 0... If everything was done properly I should've gotten a perfect exposure in this frame, heh.

23340007-1 (Medium)

Just look at the crispness of the clouds. Film looks super sharp due to fine grain and absence of Bayer Interpolation.

Slight green shift is noticeable in the shadow areas. This is a characteristic of Velvia.

23340033-1-2 (Medium)

This sunset photo shows the classic Velvia colour (TM). Velvia has always been landscape photographer's film for decades because of the colour it produces. Just look at the red and orange. In the actual scene, there was only yellow and slight orange. But on the Velvia, it turned out orange-red, which looks great!

P.S: The grain looks more visible in the sunset shot due to some pushing in post-process. I didn't bother giving the image grain-surgery as the grain is not really irritating in my opinion. "That is called grain. It is supposed to be there."

P.P.S: This is my 600th post ;)

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