Product Shooting

Remember that I bought a nice and sleek table lamp from IKEA not very long ago?

The reason for buying the lamp is to provide a practical, controllable and moderately bright light source so that I can try out some more artful or serious product shots.

Well, this is my first try out for product shooting using this practical low voltage "strobe".

The item shown here is an optical crystal glass block with a 3D structure within. The structure inside is a miniature of Allianz Arena (Munich, Germany) and it was imprinted using laser technology.

It was bought back then in December 2005 when me and my family visited the sports stadium. By that time it has just completed its construction and was still not open to the public. We toured around the outside of stadium and bought this souvenir. It came with a round base fitted with LED illumination and 3 batteries. The case is made of man-made leather with the words "Allianz Arena" and its logo on it. There's also a certificate in the box.

DSC_6292-1-2 (Medium) DSC_6297-1 (Medium) DSC_6309-1 (Medium)DSC_6303-1-2 (Medium) DSC_6310-1 (Medium) DSC_6321-1-2 (Medium)

LED illumination. The colour constantly changes too.

Set up? You mean I have a set up? Throw in everything and play with the lighting. The limitation here is the single light source. Still waiting for the SB-700.

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