Yesterday was quite not a good day.


Because of the very tight schedules, a few practical write-ups, and not feeling well.

The worst of all was the lunch. My wallet lost 10 pounds of weight, woot!

Anyway, after college me and my parents went to IKEA to shop for furniture.

I bought a table lamp! huhu. It is a useful tool for photography due to its soft, warm, directed light, unlike my ceiling lights which are fixed.

So here's it:

DSC_4134-1-2 (Medium)


DSC_4135-1-2 (Medium) 

The internals.

DSC_4136-1-2 (Medium) 

After assembly.

DSC_4142-1 (Medium) 

In action.

DSC_4146-1 (Medium) 

The switch.

DSC_4149-1 (Medium) 

The head.

DSC_4199-1-3 (Medium)

The sunstar.

P.S: All photos taken with AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens.

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