Battery Life

Went back to my hometown Penang for "Cheng Meng" last weekend.

I felt disconnected to the world because there wasn't any internet service there. Regardless of this, I was much taken by photography in the 2 days. Since one of my off-brand spare battery was spoilt for no reason and waiting for replacement, I am left with the original Nikon EN-EL3e battery which claims to take up to around 800 shots in a single charge. Since I'm going back to Penang for only 2 days and I expected to take only around 500 photos, I didn't bring my battery charger.

It has been the greatest mistake of my life to assume that this battery, equipped with this D90, can take 800 shots in a single charge.

On the first day of arrival, I've taken 333 photos. On the second day, I took 1,545 shots. Weird, hasn't the battery ran out of juice?

To my utter surprise, after taking a whooping 1,878 shots in 2 days, I have 50% of the battery left.

Thus to empty the juice I would need to take around 4,000 photos. That is 5 times the amount Nikon has predicted!

Damn, man, never trust the data. You can fare worlds beyond the limitations.

Update: the spare battery is working fine now!

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