DCIM and Nikkor Lenses

Went to DCIM exhibition in MidValley just now.

The exhibition isn't really huge, with mainly the 2 companies (Nikon and Canon) promoting there. The Nikon booth were flooded with people, eager to try out Nikon's top range DSLRs. I got to test the Nikon D3, D700, and D300 which were all spectacular. The flagship D3x has ran out of battery before I reached.
I was very much impressed by the 9 frame per second burst speed of the D3. It was so fast! Switch to continuous high speed and you'll never end up taking only one photo. Everytime you press the shutter you'll end up with at least 2 or 3 photos. It's that fast, man. My impression for the D300 is its large size. It is significantly larger than my D90 and works really great. The D700 is also about the same size as the D300 but the prism of it is larger than D300. It shoots slightly slower than the D300 (6fps)(but still very fast) but it's a darn full-frame DSLR!

I went to the Canon booth to try out its SLRs. I've heard of how Canon's ergonomics sucked and were eager to experience it. I picked up an EOS 50D which is slightly higher range than my D90 and played around. Darn, the Canons aren't designed for humans to hold. I felt like holding an oddly shaped piece of metal rather than an ergonomically shaped camera. On the contrary the Nikon cameras have far superior ergonomics and handling than the Canons. I have a few friends who own 450Ds and I tried them too. The 450D is kinda small, around the size of a D60, but luckily it handles better than the piece of 50D. There were also several king sized EOS 1Ds Mark III there which sell for 28k each.

There were several zoom lenses at the Nikon booth available for testing. I went and tried a 400mm f/2.8 and a 500mm f/4. Wow, these are one hell of big lenses! They're so humongous and sharp. Sell around 30k each though.

I also went and had a hold on Panasonic's Lumix G1, the world's first Micro Four-Third system camera which kinda created a turmoil in the photography community last year. It is really very micro, sleek and mini. The camera body is mini, lens is mini, buttons are mini... etc. It has good ergonomics though, the only downside of it is that it is so small that my little finger has nothing to grip on. The electronic viewfinder worked well, but not as good as real optical viewfinder because of some lag-time. I've heard from my friend who owned the G1 that the electronic viewfinder worked poorly at night. Well I haven't got the chance to try it at night so I can't comment here. But still, shutter time lag is evident.

Anyway, here are some of Nikon's Nikkor porn lenses. Get these lenses, man.
Array of pro lenses.
Nikkor Zooms
Lenses that look more like tank shells.

Nikkor 13mm
Some damn wide and goofy-looking lens: the Nikkor 13mm.
Nikkor 8mm
An even more bizarre lens: the Nikkor 8mm fisheye which produces really fishy images like this:
Nikkor 8mm sample (Large)
Look what this lens can do to you.
Nikkor 6mm
Getting EVEN wider: the nikkor 6mm that can see BEHIND the lens!!!
Nikkor 6mm lens
A Nikkor 6mm swallowing an SLR.
Nikkor 6mm fisheye
Look at the results, man, look at the results. The camera is probably not more than 2 metre from the person.
Lo and behold,
Nikon Nikkor 1200-1700
The legendary Nikkor 1200-1700mm. Looks normal here? Need a comparative object?
Nikkor 1200-1700
Effing humongous man!
Nikkor 1200-1700 unleash
Unleashing the beast.
Nikkor 1200-1700 D3
That's a D3 attached to it.
And the final horn:
Nikkor crazy
Sleep with this crazy lens (this particular image has been edited).

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