College Moments

As promised, I'm posting up photos of my college life. Here are some photos of my college buddies:

DSCN9343 (Medium)

Early morning in class.

DSCN9340 (Medium)

Some dude playing DATO RAJ's 3k handphone.

DSCN9344 (Medium)

And this is Divya.

Copy of DSCN9361 (Medium)

More people arrived and we started to talk.. (from left: Vincent, Dato Danaraj, Hui Sann, Carol and Dianne)

DSCN9349 (Medium)

Front row from left: Camelia, Divya and Wei Mann. Back row is Tjia Hwei and Gabrielle.

DSCN9351 (Medium)

Yee Jean and Lilian "lulu" (facing laptop).

DSCN9367 (Medium)

Chia Hoong our class rep.

DSCN9374 (Medium)

Chin Ken, the silently pwning guy and Victor.

DSCN9383 (Medium)

During chemistry lesson in lab.

DSCN9377 (Medium)

DATO Danaraj, the ambitious one who speaks better Chinese than some Chinese, better Cantonese than me, the one who has more than 60 pairs of Nike (super big Nike fan), the one who has the most pro "doctor style" handwriting (really pro, it is not those curling and tangling type of "doctor style", but super italic style of "doctor style" which is parallel with teachers' ticks), and the one who aims to get more than 8 datukships. ("2.4 million ringgit only mar!")

DSCN9380 (Medium)

Vincent who is 19 years old came from Chong Hwa.

Picture 086 (Medium)

During lesson...

Picture 087 (Medium)

Just an example of walking around during lesson..

Copy of DSCN9447 (Medium)

Mr. Darren Yeo.

Copy of DSCN9388 (Medium)

Mr. George Robinson, vice president of the student council.

Copy of DSCN9419 (Medium)

Jia Min.

Copy of DSCN9424 (Medium)

Rachel with her charming smile.

Copy of DSCN9477 (Medium)

Lea ;)

Copy of DSCN9469 (Medium)

Twan Tzee and Fion.

Copy of DSCN9473 (Medium)


Picture 090 (Medium)

Joon Fai eating mi goreng.

Picture 062 (Medium)

Having lunch at Kim Gary.

Picture 063 (Medium)


SNC00094 (Medium)

Chin Chong and Chui Kwan.

DSCN9450 (Medium)

Chia Hoong holding stuffs for the mademoiselles.

DSCN9398 (Medium)


DSCN9461 (Medium)

Yee Jean and Lilian.

Copy of DSCN9408 (Medium)

Yee Jean: "All the best!"

Picture 095 (Medium)


Picture 094 (Medium)


Picture 091 (Medium)

Chia Hoong.

Image125 (Medium)

Hui Sin, a.k.a. "hot chick", the prettiest girl in HB1.

Picture 096 (Medium)

Some company called "WHAT, MAN?!"

SNC00092 (Medium)

What man!?

Picture 067 (Medium)

WHAT MAN!??! Scary shit woi.

P.S: Some photos are taken with my mobile phone camera.

P.P.S: I just realized that cropping is another vital aspect in post-processing. It restructures and recomposes the photo, and is very useful in focusing on a new subject in the photo. Examples are Rachel's and Yee Jean's photos.

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