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I love things to be simple. Especially in designs or arts.

If you have been following my blog for the past few months, you most probably noticed that the theme and appearance of my blog changed radically. I still remember that a few weeks ago my blog was still using the "minima stretch" template. I loved that template because it allows my blog to stretch out to fill the page, besides being the most flexible template. It's a fact that most people aren't using non-widescreen monitors. So, fill the page.

When I started to blog at blogger I used "minima lefty" with a black background and light grey font colour. I feel that setting black as my backdrop has a more elegant feel, but I very soon changed my mind.

The black colour backdrop makes me feel a little emo whenever I visit my own blog. Besides, I've noticed that the elegant feeling slowly crept away without notice. I then changed my backdrop into white colour, and added a huge photo just below the header. It's a photo of the beautiful sky that I've taken a few years back. The white colour gave me a message of "simplicity and purity" when I first adapted it.

Then, as I knew more friends, my friends' link list went longer, and longer. I added some gadgets such as cloock, chat box, countdown timer, visitor count and all into my sidebar. My sidebar became so exceedingly long. You know, all the extraneous stuffs. I even added another image of my house's grandfather clock at the bottom of my blog, and placed a quote that reads: "This is not the end. It is not even the begining of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."- Winston Churchill. I first saw this quote from Chang Yang's blog and since it reflected my blog posts well (I have well over 150 posts that time and I'd like my readers to read them), I added the quote.

Then came one day when I realized that my "simple-looking" blog has been crammed with extraneous wastes and all. I made a thorough clean up, deleted my header's photo, bottom footer, the quote, widgets, and changed my blog template from "minima lefty stretch" to "minima stretch". Peter said that it was very confusing when saw the major change. Even I felt a little dizzy when first see my reborn blog.

The dizzyness went on for some time until I finally couldn't resist it. I chose another whole new template with different fonts, colours and combinations. It is what you're seeing now. It is the same template as my "We Keep It Short" blog, just with different colours and fonts. I deleted my whole long list of friends' links and almost all of the widgets. I decided to make my blog totally simple and clean, and I've deleted all my posts' labels (there is more than 25 labels before that, and now there is only one). Now my blog's sidebar is no more than two pages long, without any footnotes or Blog subtitle. Not to mention the date format, timestamp, and the non-existent footnote. Oh ya, my blog's title is also worth noticing. Instead of Italian-wannabe titles like "Visione" or "Perspektive", I changed it into my name.

I've made it simple. Real SIMPLE.

And I love it.

P.S: Peter said my current template looks like facebook. Haha.

P.P.S: People have been calling my full name (Lee Young) for 18 years. Now, it's time for a change! I'm re-introducing myself as "Young", just Young. Hmm, that would be cool.

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