Little Gathering

Back from 1U.

I went to Edmund's farewell gathering and shared this super-duper fucking humongous burger with Keenen. It was the largest piece of edible substance that I have ever seen on planet Earth. The beef burger was even larger than the triple-whooper of Burger King I ate in Amsterdam years back. But although this beef burger is huge, it consists of 2 uber thick layers of bread, much unlike Burger King's whooper that consists of mostly beef slices and cheese. I still remember that when the big, wide plate that resembles a UFO approached, my jaws literally dropped down and opened wide. The plate measures around 2 feet in diametre, no kidding. In the end I could "only" finish a quarter of it and was forced to gave up. If not my stomach will explode, my friend. Keenen also ate roughly the same amount as I did and gave up in defeat.

Anyway I was truly attracted to iPod Nano's uber uber slim and sexy body. The touch, the feel, you know, I feel like molesting her everyday. Haha. And iTouch also, it is so slim and cool, especially its fully chromed back. Convenient for girls to use it as mirror.

Anyway I have been listening to Shostakovich's Cello Concerto today. To be frank, I don't understand Shostakovich's piano concertos and most neo-classical musics. The melody is plain weird and incomprehensible by me. But I like some of Shostakovich's cello compositions, like this Cello Concerto no.1- first movement (note: first movement only):

Enjoy the style.

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