Second Week. So Fast.


I got a mini-thesis to do, plus the LAN.J's projects. Although the mini-thesis is just 2,000 words long, but heck, I need to gather sufficient sources in order to get high marks. What's more, I'd need to photocopy out ALL of the sources, which I find it difficult because the references aren't easy to find.

Another thing is, I couldn't think of any points to elaborate on my topic. My topic is (most probably) "Abortion" and for the field for research I've only thought of 2. That's far from enough.

After school there was this Student Council nominee's meetings. Lea, who was still weary on her choice, couldn't made up her mind. So I suggested to her again: flip a coin. I took out my 50 cent coin and flipped. "Ping!" It was a head- and therefore EdBoard. haha, such simple procedures can put down loads of worries. (Perhaps that's the reason she chose EdBoard at last- aha!)

Anyway, hey I'm teaching people stuffs! I was using my gmail when Lea, who saw the super nice theme, got interested in it and decided to sign up for gmail too. And, with my influence (erhem) decided to create a blog! How nice. New member of the blogging committee.

So now she's formulating her first ever blog post, with an iconic beginning of: "I am Lea. Lea is me".

P.S: This is the 501st post of this blog. Cheers.

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