Australia Trip 10th Day: Sydney

The air-cond was super cold yesterday. Perhaps because I did something wrong on the settings, it was even colder than south pole.

By the way, who say that now (14th Dec 2008) it is summer in Australia? It's so freaking cold! I thought I was at Europe, and I would froze into an ice statue without the insulation of my jacket and 2 shirts.

So today, the first place we went was Darling Harbour. Well it was not much of a surprise, and I don't know what it's so famous for. There were quite a number of large touring ferries there, but they were not what I'd like to see. I prefer looking at hundreds of small, personal yachts harbouring at a bay or harbour.

DSCN0142 (Medium) DSCN0143 (Medium) DSCN0175 (Medium) DSCN0154 (Medium)

Taxi boats.

To neuter my disappointment, I went to a small, peaceful bay that harboured more than 50 boats and yachts:

DSCN0176 (Medium) DSCN0179 (Medium) DSCN0180 (Medium) DSCN0184 (Medium)

Much nicer, in my view.

DSCN0192 (Medium)

As a pro-photographer-wannabe, we drove to many many parts of North Sydney to have a good shot of the Sydney Opera House. In fact, we have spent the whole morning searching for locations! Haha. So here's some of the photos I took from those positions.

DSCN0207 (Medium) DSCN0210 (Medium) DSCN0211 (Medium)

Tired, we went to a beach to relax.

DSCN0201 (Medium) DSCN0199 (Medium)

In the afternoon we went to a strategic location just under the steel bridge, overlooking to the front of Sydney Opera House. We then bought some foods from a nearby shop and have a picnic there. Man it's real cold when not under the sun because the wind was strong.

DSCN0218 (Medium) DSCN0229 (Medium) DSCN0215 (Medium) DSCN0261 (Medium) DSCN0266 (Medium)

We saw many people picnic...

DSCN0279 (Medium)

So we did the same!

After that we went to Hyde Park. Although located at the heart of a bustling metropolis, the air there was still very clean and fresh. There were so many people sunbathing and doing their activities: sleeping, chatting, playing, kissing and hugging and all. The place was really, really nice and relaxing. There was this working class couple, still in their office wears, hugging, kissing and rolling on the grass. So relaxing, yes? Then there were 2 person practicing some pro tactics of throwing and spinning wine bottles and catching them again by a steel cup, like those bars' countermen. The Sydney Tower is just beside Hyde Park and we could see it very well from there.

DSCN0301 (Medium) DSCN0285 (Medium) DSCN0286 (Medium) DSCN0310 (Medium) DSCN0297 (Medium) DSCN0309 (Medium) DSCN0323 (Medium) DSCN0316 (Medium) DSCN0327 (Medium) DSCN0333 (Medium) DSCN0345 (Medium) DSCN0354 (Medium) DSCN0391 (Medium)

Ooh lovely.

DSCN0366 (Medium) DSCN0360 (Medium) DSCN0407 (Medium) DSCN0395 (Medium)DSCN0403 (Medium)

Then we went to the Royal Botanical Garden which is very very large and located just beside of Hyde Park. The park provides a perfect view of the Opera House (and direct link too). Thanks for my precise timing, I reached there at the golden-hour- perfect for photography.

DSCN0467 (Medium) DSCN0460 (Medium) DSCN0458 (Medium)

DSCN0459 (Medium) DSCN0465 (Medium) DSCN0455 (Medium) DSCN0477 (Medium)DSCN0482 (Medium) DSCN0493 (Medium) DSCN0498 (Medium) DSCN0535 (Medium) DSCN0516 (Medium)

So lovely, yes?

DSCN0507 (Medium) DSCN0524 (Medium) DSCN0534 (Medium) DSCN0540 (Medium)


DSCN0543 (Medium)


DSCN0550 (Medium) DSCN0552 (Medium)


Anyway, look at this:

DSCN3550 (Medium)

Thanks to this sign, we've travelled from Hyde Park to the very eastern end of Sydney and went to a very southern part of the city, then to China Town, to the western side and back to Hyde Park again. Good tour guide.

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