In Less than 24 Hours' Time

Today I went to sign up for 2009 SAM course at Taylor's Hartamas.

Once I stepped in, Amanda, the sweet and charming lady walked up to greet us and explain and give us the forms and all. Then after some form-fillings and waits- tada! I'm a Taylor-ian. January 7th 8:30 is the day. College life will be great!

The interior of the campus (I only visited the ground floor haha) is very beautiful. The ambience, atmosphere, interior designs, and its numerous sitting areas... I love it.

Anyway tomorrow I'll be leaving at 19:30. Heading straight towards Gold Coast and will be staying at Surfers Paradise for 7 nights. Then, rent a car (Camry I think) and drive down to Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and the last 4 days will go to Tasmania. I'll be back at 30th December, 20:00.

Here's my destination:
Gold Coast.

See you guys there!

Oh shit I haven't pack my luggage yet!

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