Few more hours later I'll be heading towards Australia. Flying, like this pigeon above.

She was taking some dried grass to build her nest when I took the photo. She was so graceful.

Farewell everyone! I'll miss you all.


Update: I'm at airport now! Teehee. My flight is at 21:45, that's about 45 minutes from NOW. I sat some airport bus to reach here, and there was a white guy sitting beside me, reading a book. I too brought "The World Without Us" to read. Then when the sky got darker, he turned down his book and brought out his laptop. And played Solitaire. Lol.

Then at the airport book store I saw some books Hui Xin mentioned to me before: The Alchemist and Like the Flowing River by Paulo Coelho. The price of the books at airport is even cheaper than kinokuniya! Wth.

Anyway, I gonna board the plane very soon. Maybe will online there. See you all then!

P.S: During SPM she flew to my rooftop everyday and was very noisy, so I took my long forgotten BB gun and shot her right on her ass hole. She fled away immediately.

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