Australia Trip 2nd Day: Gold Coast

Today morning I woke up around 8:20. After some preparation we headed towards the beach. The weather was nice for us but bad for whites- they want a stronger sun to bath, but we want a cooler weather to play. We ate some English style breakfast and walked to the beach. I simply love the sea and the waves. I love to study waves, how the waves form, how it surges, travels, moves, oscillates, and breaks. I'd love to be an oceanographer.

The water was so darn cold- it was like ice water! The moment the water contacted my skin I shivered immediately. I took many videos of the waves and people playing- there wasn't much people compared with yesterday where uncountable number of people sunbathed under the strong sun. Today it rained for a while, and after some time my parents went into the sea. How could they swim while the water is cold as ice?? Soon I found out the answer. As I also went into the water, I noticed that just after few minutes of swimming my body was adjusted to the temperature of the water.

Ok, now time to hunt for gorgeous and sexy bikini girls. Again, all of the girls wore bikini and many of them are damn sexy (imagine those sexy curves you see on those girls in Hollywood movies- here, there is full of 'em). But, I'd easily adjusted to the culture here. Wearing bikini is nothing special- even fat girls of old women with 'muffin top' also wear bikini. Yes there are many hot women that worth a few more glance then others, but when the number is so overwhelming you'll find it absolutely normal and not-so-interesting-anymore.

Anyway, now about the waves. The huge and spectacular waves. The waves here are amazing! It's just so huge, right in the middle between gigantic jaws and normal small waves. There were many people playing and trying to "surf" the waves there (by their tummy). The waves are powerful at times and sometimes it could carry me 30 yards a one splash! Some waves were so high that it measured around 1.5 metres high. When the waves came, I usually would jump and let the energy in the wave carry me high up and deep down again in a circular motion (imagine the wave coming from left to right- the circle would be moving in a clockwise direction). Sometimes I imagined myself as a free-floating float and followed the motion of the waves. The feeling of the waves carrying me up, down, back and forth was pleasing.

Then I started to look-and-learn from other "tummy-surfers" (well actually most of the white there have no tummies- many of them are really muscular. That's why I say, most white people are sexy- no matter men or women) and tried to "tummy-surf" with the waves. It was so fun, really. I leaned that to surf requires very good timing and position. If you surf at the wrong timing the wave might not be able to carry you far. If your position is bad the wave may not break at all and you won't get the energy from the breaking wave to carry you forwards. To "tummy-surf", one must wait for a high wave. Secondly, he must go to a position where the wave breaks near where he is. Thirdly, he must swim to the direction of wave propagation at the right time- just before the wave reaches him. Fourthly, he must not drown.

It is pretty easy to get sucked down and rolled and went missing when swimming on a breaking wave. When you swim at the middle of the sea wall and the wave breaks, it could really push and roll and suck you down to the seabed- and the power is strong. So, be careful. I got caught in this situation twice but luckily the sea is really shallow. The water is only waist height 80 metres from the shoreline, and barely above my chest at around 130 metres away- and that's during high tide. I also noticed that the tide raised very fast- each wave was increasing the tide inch by inch, slowly yet quickly.

The waves kept on dragging, pulling, and pushing me towards the left side of one of the yellow-and-red flag (there are two such flags indicating the area where people are permitted to swim). I always went out of the area unknowingly and walked back into the swimming area again, and just after a while I was out again. There were a few police and coast guards at the beach and they'd use loudspeakers to call those who swam off the swimming area back.

I'd also noticed something: the waves do not break only once. In most of the times the waves broke twice. Once at far side of the sea where everyone is surfing it, and second time near the shore where children are playing with it. This is due to the long shallow seabed at Gold Coast. After the waves first broke the water poured down made the waves surge again and roll down near the shoreline. What I saw was the big waves rolled down at far side, lots of bubbles produced but they vanished quite fast as the waves surged again. It then broke for the second time.

There were many kids playing with small surf-boards (body surf-boards) and they're really cute. And yeah, small girls wore bikini too. No joke. (There's a photo of it on the 5th day. Coming soon)

DSCN2330 (Medium)

DSCN2332 (Medium)

DSCN2340 (Medium)

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DSCN2344 (Medium)

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DSCN2348 (Medium)

In case if you're wondering, the girl is changing her bikini haha.

DSCN2356 (Medium)

DSCN2376 (Medium)

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Copy of DSCN2379 (Medium)

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Here I go.

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Copy of DSCN2454

Copy of DSCN2453

We had pizzas for our lunch (take away), and after we got back to our apartment we found out that we've forgotten to take the bottle of Coke from the counter girl! What's worse, we didn't take any receipt or have anything to prove that we bought the drink but forgotten to take it. If this place is Malaysia, the person will most probably ask: "Receipt? Tak da? Tak payah cakap banyak. Bai bai." However, this is Gold Coast (and you know there are many many tourists here and they need to have very good manners). We headed back and just briefly told her that we've forgotten to claim the bottle of Coke, and she just smiled and said: "Oh ok, no problem! You can take it here" and point towards the refrigerator containing bottles soft drinks beside.

DSCN2480 (Medium)

There are many Japanese that live here.

DSCN2474 (Medium)

DSCN2498 (Medium)

DSCN2496 (Medium)

Q1. The tallest residential building in the world.

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DSCN2521 (Medium)

Surfers Paradise. The landmark.

In the evening we watched a live show. It was a show of a few security guards catching two thieves. Me and my dad were walking around when we saw a large crowd of people standing on the street. We walked there, than we saw two or three people fighting. I thought "what? fighting on the street? At Gold Coast??" Then we heard a girl screaming beside, yelling someone to let someone go. "LET HIM GO! NOW! GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HIM NOW! AHH! GET OFF NOW!" Then I saw a huge man (teenager) wearing beach wear (pants only) struggling and wrestling with two security guards in blue uniforms. Another teenager in black shirt and trousers was caught and arrested by another security guard. After some hard work the three or four security guards finally arrested the huge guy. They waited for some time for the polices to come when the big guy's girlfriend (the one shouting and yelling around) kept on shouting. I heard the guy said "let me go, please? (with an almost begging look) This is just my first time. (struggles a bit) AaahH! Ouch! ... Please let me go.. I'm safe.. I'm fucking safe.. Life's good.. Life's fucking good.." (the accent in his f-word is heavy, it was like: Life is fo-a-king good haha)

In the evening, to our surprise, there's a concert in front of the Japanese restaurant we ate yesterday. The performing orchestra was the Gold Coast Philharmonic Orchestra, GCPO. They performed a few Christmas pieces, and there was a children choir that sang on the last song. It was so nice! The co-concertmaster of the orchestra is a bald guy who moved and swayed with great facial expressions with the music. There was also a very old woman in the first violin section. She's most probably 70 years old or more I think. The performance was great.

DSCN2527 (Medium)

DSCN2529 (Medium)

DSCN2530 (Medium)

DSCN2535 (Medium)

DSCN2540 (Medium)

DSCN2555 (Medium)

The repertoire.

DSCN2539 (Medium)

Look! They're so cute!

By the way here's a pullback on this place: there are no free internet connections here! URGH. That sucks, man. Even Starbucks charges you if you wanna use their WiFi! What the hell man. In term of this even Malaysia KL is better than Gold Coast. Now I can't even go online and I feel segregated from the real-time world. I'm very outdated on world news now.

DSCN2576 (Medium)

DSCN2585 (Medium)

DSCN2580 (Medium)

DSCN2582 (Medium)

On the way going back to our apartment, we saw some interesting scene: hundreds of young men and women walking in a freaking huge group partying, shouting some words together, rhythmically, loudly. It was so much fun, man.

DSCN2598 (Medium)

DSCN2600 (Medium)

Shouting and having fun.

Ok here's for today. Enjoy the photos! Ciao.

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