Australia Trip 1st Day: Gold Coast

I'm currently at Gold Coast, Australia. Yesterday I boarded my plane at 21:45. Then there's a pretty and lovely girl who looks like a mix sat in front of me. I dozed off rather quickly after the plane had lifted off. The next thing I knew was that when I woke up the sky is bright and many people also started to wake up one by one. The atmosphere became a bit lively in the morning. The plane touched down at 5:30 (7:30 local time) at Coolangatta Airport.

At the terminal, me and my family met an officer named Charles twice: once he checked our passports, and once scanning our luggage. Then we headed towards Surfers Paradise by bus.

DSCN2072 (Medium)

Topless under sun and sit on grass. Oh so common.

DSCN2074 (Medium)

The white guy behind my father was actually eating a banana.

DSCN2081 (Medium)

Our luggage.

The journey there took us about 20 minutes. On the way there, I noticed something among Australians: their hair can be classified into 4 general colours:


DSCN2084-1 (Medium)






DSCN2089-1 (Medium)

(Lol there really are young girls with natural white-coloured hair. And they're hot.)

Something that I noticed is that the houses and buildings here are modern. Many of the buildings here are modernly designed.

DSCN2093 (Medium)

DSCN2099 (Medium)

DSCN2100 (Medium)

DSCN2104 (Medium)

DSCN2101 (Medium)

DSCN2188 (Medium)

DSCN2195 (Medium)

DSCN2196 (Medium)

DSCN2198 (Medium)

DSCN2199 (Medium)

Homo sapiens Caucasus urbanus reading book while lying on green grass.

Our apartment is called "Tiki Village" (derived from some local aboriginal language perhaps). The moment I stepped into the lobby, I saw a fucking hot blonde sitting on a sofa reading her book I saw a girl sleeping on the sofa. Located right at the centre of Surfers Paradise and a mere 5 minutes walk from the beach, the apartment is a very strategic place to stay (by the way, an apartment is way, way better than a hotel). The apartment is so neat and cunning and it comes with a Jacuzzi. Moreover, it's facing a river and there are so many big, bungalow houses beside the river. The scene is really nice. Here's some photo of the unit I'm staying in.

DSCN2205 (Medium)

DSCN2206 (Medium)

DSCN2208 (Medium)

DSCN2224 (Medium)

DSCN2225 (Medium)

DSCN2210 (Medium)

DSCN2211 (Medium)

DSCN2215 (Medium)

DSCN2216 (Medium)

DSCN2228 (Medium)

DSCN2226 (Medium)

DSCN2229 (Medium)

DSCN2231 (Medium)

DSCN2236 (Medium)

DSCN2237 (Medium)

Then we left the hotel and walked to the beach. Frankly speaking, the number of pretty, sweet, hot, sexy girls here are overwhelming. There is simply so so so many hot girls here! Moreover, they ALL wear bikinis. Yeah, ALL. No exceptions. The beach is filled with so many smoking hot girls in so-little-fabrics bikinis (in fact, western countries follows a rather peculiar rule: the less fabric a swim-suit has, the more expensive it is). In whichever angle at whatever moment you'll see pretty girls. Pretty girls are everywhere here. Also, some of the girls wear bikinis into shopping complex (just beside the beach). Guys will also show their muscular body and wear topless into shopping malls.

DSCN2131 (Medium)

DSCN2136 (Medium)

DSCN2137 (Medium)

DSCN2139 (Medium)

DSCN2141 (Medium)

DSCN2148 (Medium)

DSCN2151 (Medium)

DSCN2153 (Medium)

DSCN2155 (Medium)

DSCN2174 (Medium)

The people there are friendly too. Once in a shopping centre, I was looking around and suddenly my eyes met with a blonde girl's. She smiled and said "hello" and waved at me. I was a bit shocked though, but nevertheless I smiled and waved back to her. heheh. Then there was this woman working at Hard Rock Cafe retailer who really enjoys her life. She'll sing with the music suddenly while talking to you and smile all the time to you. There was also a waiter at some restaurant we went in that smiles at you all the time. Oh she's definitely sweet. Also, at a Japanese restaurant called "Kamikaze Teppanyaki" near the place I stay, there's a very very pretty Japanese girl. She. is. so. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Period.

DSCN2165 (Medium)

DSCN2167 (Medium)

DSCN2172 (Medium)

DSCN2177 (Medium)

DSCN2182 (Medium)

DSCN2183 (Medium)

DSCN2186 (Medium)

At night the street is also very lively- but everyone changed their clothing: young women changed into beautiful and elegant dresses, young men... sorry I didn't put much attention to them. I only pay attention to women. It's totally different from daytime when they all wear casually and lightly. Me and my parents thought wrongly- we sore short pants out. Once again we wore the wrong clothing (during daytime we wore long pants and long sleeves). The atmosphere was very nice, with young and old people all over the overly-crowded Irish bars, and loud live rock band playing. Many people smoke there including girls. Well that's too bad. I absolutely hate smokers. But actually they don't smoke. Only the cigarettes are smoking. They're just suckers. And blowers, too (吞烟吐雾派). Then I went to the "Kamikaze Teppanyaki" restaurant take my dinner (yaya I'm stalking the girl). The Japanese foods are so nice! And I took many photos of this beautiful girl.

DSCN2274 (Medium)

DSCN2278 (Medium)

There are many polices here because, you know, the people here like to drink, and when they drink they got drunk, and when people are drunk they start to do things, molest chicks, drive onto pedestrian roads, stole stuffs (I am a witness. The incident happened on day 2. Refer to the next post), and all.

DSCN2289 (Medium)

DSCN2290 (Medium)

My so-called "artistic" blurring without subject (It is almost impossible to do it on a compact camera, but I still did it).

DSCN2293 (Medium)

DSCN2296 (Medium)

DSCN2303 (Medium)

The bar was full of people, chicks, babes, etc., loud and crowded, drunk and crazy.

And at night it's so freakin' cold although it's summer time. It's as if I'm at Genting.

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