Let's relax a while before SPM.

I like to talk crap. Yes I can be a professional crap-talker when facing the right person. (Kimberly ;p )

So I think I should spit all my rubbish here from on. Or maybe not. To preserve the quality of the blog? Hahaha, crap-talking, in another sense is some sort of quality. The quality of crap-talking. Get it? Crap-talk shows the quality of crap-talk. Hmm... seems self-eliminating horh? Anyway, this is an example of crap-talk.

I'm excited. Really excited. The timer is counting down. Every second counts. From 22 days to 21 days, 20, 19... and now 18! Woohoo! Now you get what I'm counting. THE DAY TO FREEDOM, FREEDOM!!!

I'll have an intense schedule to follow after that. It'll be real fun! I'm looking forward- 19 days! Soon the number will decrease to 17, 16, 15... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...... Voila!

Ok enough for my bullshits. Study time. 2 more days to Stupid Perperiksaan Malaysia.

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