Schrodinger's Cat

A satire on the "Copenhagen interpretation" of the quantum universe:
Schrodinger's cat is shut up in a box with a killing mechanism triggered by a quantum-mechanical event (the decay of an isotop). Before we open the box, we don't know whether the cat is dead. Common sense tells us that, nevertheless, the cat must be either alive or dead inside the box. The Copenhagen interpretation contradicts common sense: all that exists before we open the box is a probability. As soon as we open the box, the wave function collapses and we are left with a single event: the cat is dead, or the cat is alive. Until we opened the box, it was neither dead nor alive.
What paradoxical theory! Haha. So before I open my eyes, I was neither sleeping nor awake, because when my eyes are closing I may be awake or sleeping but I don't know whether I'm awake or not, and once I opened my eyes the whole wave function collapses and left we with a single event: awake or sleeping.

In addition, each few seconds you are left with an uncertainty when you close your eyes. The moment your eyes shut, you're in a probability of sleeping, awake, writing, driving, running, walking, listening, smiling... etc but when you open your eyes, the wave functions break down to a single event. Hahaha. Be uncertain.

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