You Know Chinese? I Also Know Malay LA!

Sometimes I do pity Arif Shah. He got pwned real hard by Anwar.

But back to reality: he's in BN. Can we trust him? Well, no.

The Media made people to look up on the amount of Mandarin he knows. He knows Hokkien and Chinese. He (thinks he) knows how to write Chinese characters, and BN even thought that it is an attraction for Chinese voters.

Sadly for BN, it turned out that Anwar won (15,671 majority). Actually, what's the big deal for him to know how to write and speak Chinese, Hokkien? He lived in such environment, and had his education in a Chinese school, picked up Chinese, talked Hokkien- of course he knows these! What's so praise-worthy about it? Becase he's a Malay and such cases are rare? I'm a Chinese, yet I know Malay. Wow, I should become a BN candidate in Malay areas too! Chinese and Indian people know how to write and speak in Malay, it's not surprising; but a Malay knows how to write Chinese! Wow, he's like God.(Sarcasm)

So you see, this is how he writes Chinese calligraphy:

I'M A CHINESE IN A BROWN SKIN!!! (Michael's humour)

The correct word should be “们” but not “门”.

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