Comparison Between Skins

Skin is the largest organ in human, and it even serves as social-class recognizing tool in certain societies. To the immune system of our body, skin is the first line of defence against malicious microorganisms such as bacterias, viruses or protozoas. It is also the largest single sensory organ in human- it can sense cold, heat, touch, pressure and pain.

A striking difference between skin and other organs of the human body is that SKIN, IS APPLICABLE ON BLOGS. The more precise term for this is Template.

Over these 2 days I've came across several attractive, simple, elegant and buisiness-looking templates, and I would like to make a comparison between them; perhaps implementing one of them onto my blog later on.


First Skin- http://4s5.blogspot.com

Second skin- http://justaroundhere.blogspot.com

Third Skin- http://whitemerlot.blogspot.com

Fourth Skin- http://wekeepitshort.blogspot.com


The first skin, used by my class' blog, is somewhat 'formal-looking' besides artistic. It's layout is very good, with simple, neat boxes enclosing footers and quotes. Also, its header's tabs are nice, providing space to locate links to prominent web-pages. The eye-catching handprint on the header contrasts with its background, giving out an artistic and creative sense on the blog. This skin's posting date for each post is located below the title and small in size. The down side on this template is that its fonts, backgrond colour and images are not customizable.

Second skin in 'Just Around Here', my 'BETA-Blog', is indeed buisiness-looking, formal, and simple. The dark blue header paired with grey-black background gives a 'mature' and 'steady' feeling about the blogger. The small 'document' image below the post title, followed by author and comments, makes the blog even more formal, as if posting an article. Several tabs above the header also provide space for important links. The spacious and large fonts of the skin feels 'light & easy'. But, this skin is totally not customizable at all.

The third skin, used by Choon Lim in his blog, 'White Merlot', is quite special. It looks like Mac's interface, has an elegant backdrop, simple, and stylish. The date indicator is carried out by a calendar besides every post title. The special part of this blog is that the posts do not indicte the author, and its comments and labels are located high, just below the title. This template also provides useful tab-bars above the posts window. Perhaps the most interesting part regarding this skin is, its windows(except for the posts window) are completely movable, and the reader can rearrange it according to their favour.

The last skin is used in my new blog, 'We Keep It Short'(not real name, just its URL). This is actually the original blogger-skin, 'Washed Denim'. Originally it was plain, totally white in colour, over-simple and dull. But, it is very customizable, and one can make it looks formal, light, emo, cute, simple, elegant, girlish, funky... etc. A characteristic of this template is simplicity. It has no extraneous lines or borders surrounding an element, header, footer, even between posts! Just a couple of rows or columns will do the seperation.

How you think of my skin? Chinese skin.

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