This May Represent How Earth was Put into Such Perfect Position

I thought I won't be the lucky one.

The probability seems to be too small for me.

But no.

I'm so... lucky.

I was so shocked. 'Tahniah', they said. How sarcastic.

At first, my heart tells me "No. No way. Impossible. This is just an illusion. They have some error in their computer." Then, "I can run from it. I can escape it. It is very possible. I gotta run from this." After that, "Shit. Who fuck cares. Just go and screw the whole camp inside out."

I'm being optimistic towards this. After reading some other people's experiences in the camp, I feel somewhat better. They say "it's just like attending Outward Bound for free". The only down point for me is, the lack of internet connection there.

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